The Liberal party may change, but some traditions endure -

The Liberal party may change, but some traditions endure


Rest assured that however few Liberal MPs remain, there will still be anonymous whining.

“It gives one a completely unfair advantage compared to everybody else,” said a re-elected Liberal MP, who deemed Rae’s letter a showcase of “unbelievable vanity.” “I know what Rae is banking on that a new executive elected in January at a biennial convention . . . may want to lift that sort of impediment and that there will be such a groundswell of support for him so that to, you know, save the country, he’ll just have to run and they’ll beg him to run.”

Bob Rae and sources close to him are assuring he has no plans to seek the permanent leadership post. One source says Mr. Rae thinks the next Liberal leader should come from outside the current caucus.

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The Liberal party may change, but some traditions endure

  1. His stated intention not to run for the leadership, and potentially a signed document promising not to lead the party into the next election, would be a pretty big yoke around his neck if he suddenly decided to run; even if he were allowed to do so at some future time. 


    • More importantly, wouldn’t formally and publicly renouncing any intention to take the permanent leadership INSTANTLY be interpreted by the press as “Even Bob Rae thinks the Liberals are permanently doomed… It’s ALL OVER FOR THE LPC!!!”

      • I’m sure people will say that (Ivison and various other paid ‘opinion leaders’ who receive a generous salary, in no way attributable to the Conservative party, to spew Conservative talking points), but it would be quite a leap of logic to say that because Bob Rae doesn’t want to lead the party into his early 70s, the leadership isn’t worth anything.  

        • I agree that it’s quite a leap, I just wanted to point out that it’s nonetheless probably one reason why Rae would be unwilling to publicly and categorically pledge to not want the leadership, because that could be spun as a slight against the party as opposed to a recognition of the need for new leadership.

  2. Glad to see this MP showing a complete lack of vanity.  So humble that he/she doesn’t even want to put their name to their quote.

  3. Bob Rae and sources close to him are assuring he has no plans to seek the permanent leadership post.

    …of the Liberal Party.

    My wacky conspiracy theory: he does as much damage as he can on the way out, “retires from politics” for a few years, comes back to rejoin the NDP as the sane, non-fringy leadership option when Jack exits, and claims credibility as the best compromise candidate for a united left. 

    Granted, it’s a long shot, but it makes more sense for this decision than a sudden attack of purest altruism. And if anyone else has had the same thought, I honestly haven’t noticed.

    • My conspiracy theory – Rae decided to become manchurian candidate. Libs about to tear themselves apart. Rae not going back to NDP tho – Ontario dippers hate Rae with passion. Or at least the dippers I know do.

      • No, Rae will lead (even further) the party down the path to oblivion, then jump ship to the conservatives. I mean, his rationale for leaving the NDP makes this the logical choice.

        • “…. then jump ship to the conservatives.”

          Now we are talking! 

          I didn’t think of that but makes perfect sense to me because I am quite right wing and think Con party is socialist, just less socialist than our other socialist parties.

    •  That is a wacky conspiracy theory. The NDP hate Bob Rae.

    •  It makes more sense if you know absolutely nothing about Bob Rae other than ridiculous caricatures that are out there. The man is truly passionate about his goals for the country (and by extension, the Liberal party) and really is in this because of his passion, not self-aggrandizement or “sabotage”. Your idea is not just a “long shot”, it’s unlikely. And his musing about merging was (granted, not the best timing) was a trial balloon because he values pragmatism above partisanship. Only by floating the possibility of merger can one get a handle on the positions of the parties and the supporters.

  4. Libs are all about happy clappy nonsense beloved by hippies and so Libs have to pretend that they all get along. However, since human beings obviously all don’t agree about much of anything, some Libs feel like they have to do/say something. 

    Passive aggressive is only acceptable way for Libs to behave nowadays. 

    Also, Rae is snake in the grass and Libs have good reasons to be concerned.

    • Liberals have been around since Confederation. They are neither left nor hippies.  

  5. Rae is another egotistical Liberal who thinks he has an entitlement. If the Liberal party puts him or Justin Trudeau in any prominent place of leadership they will see some of the 35 elected MPs desert  to both the Tories and the NDP. The guy who ruined Ontario’s’ economy  with the largest number of voters having the nerve to try and assume leadership is preposterous.

  6. First order of business, if Liberals have got the message: expel anyone who publicly whines about leadership or personality issues. A bad leader doesn’t get better because people stop publicly airing their “dirty laundry”, but good leaders don’t get dragged through the mud. And it wouldn’t hurt for Liberals to understand that the leaders job is actually to… lead. If they don’t like it, they are always welcome to leave. This nonsense predates Turner’s leadership, and it killed Dion long before the Conservatives even had a chance to attack him. In fact, the open animosity in the party pretty much provided clear evidence that the Conservative attack message “Dion: Not A Leader” was, like it or not, correct, so long as he couldn’t even get his own troops to back him.

    I think Rae as interim is a terrific idea, because he’s just about the best at getting out the message in the House, and he won’t easily accept this nonsense. All these whiners ought to realize that there is one easy way to ensure Rae does not become permanent leader: find and advance a better alternative.

  7. On a related note this new comments system is un-Canadian, at least in a political context, because it does not allow us to anonymously vote against each other.

    • “…. this new comments system is un-Canadian ….”

      un-Canadian? Seems all too Canadian to me. Only allowed to be positive, shiny happy people. No negatives allowed, tobyornotoby. Whatever were you thinking?

      • At the risk of explaing a joke … we’ve just had 7 or 8 elections in which Canadians have largely voted against someone rather than for something. Against Mulroney after he resigned, against the Liberals (every Reform Party, Canadian Alliance and Conservative Party voter since the 90’s) against taxes, against Stephen Harper, against ADscam, and so on and so on …

        • Really?  You had “against so-and-so” on your ballot?

          If you really want this to be like your, um, joke, you’ll just have to vote “like” for anybody BUT the one(s) you don’t like…