The London West call -

The London West call


As referred to yesterday, here is audio of the voice mail message left in London West that apparently directed a voter to the wrong polling station.

The recording was provided by Doug Ferguson, who told the Free Press that the call did not come from his campaign.


The London West call

  1. Tested with Chrome and Firefox, doesn’t work, stuck on “buffering…”  Would love to hear this, hope your techie can fix.

    • I just tried it & it is in AAC (Apple iTunes/iwhatever) format. That may be your problem if you don’t have a player that can handle the format (my work PC doesn’t and IT seriously frowns on external software downloads so I can’t listen either)

    •  I’m using Firefox and managed to listen just fine.  The buffering would be a server issue or bandwidth issue I think.  Or it might be your media player.  I used VLC (it’s free) with no problem.

    •  i have firefox beta and it worked fine for me

    • I note that they have fixed the original flash link which did not work and have now provided a direct download.  

      You’ve got one (1) alleged message allegedly received by a partisan, and provided by a failed and butthurt candidate, with no date, and no verification that it’s real, providing directions to an allegedly wrong poll station, and reported by a reporter with a very, very well documented pattern of outright lying, who is about to get fired.No smoking gun here.  Pretending this did occur, and that it did originate with the CPC or an affiliated call centre, mistakes happen.  One (1) message of ubersketchy provenance does not a scandal make.

  2. I’m sorry but unless the alleged recipient has a pekinese lap dog who prepared affidavits on the matter on stationary from the French embassy a good two years before the events in question there is no way I can believe this is real evidence.   Why are we jumping to conclusions about the CPC instead of being unbiased?

    • As legit as one of the Grewal tapes released by the CPP!

      • Whatever do ……..mean about [redacted] [redacted] [noise noise noise]….the CPC’s conduct regarding…….Mr……….Grewal…….?

  3. Stuck on buffering as well. 

    I hope this is a confirmed valid by investigating RCMP thingy with the appropriate paperwork and not just a supplied by ‘helpful’ opposition thingy.

  4. Pretty inconclusive. Was there a polling station at the identified address? If so, it could have been a simple error. If not, then it’s worth investigating further.

  5. Wherry must be experiencing some kind of sexual euphoria posting about this story 24/7. I wonder what the crash will feel like once this story inevitably disappoints.  

    • Stay classy, Dennis.

      Next up, Dennis while whine like a Toews’r about unprovoked personal attacks.  

      • Angry Larry obviously prefers to spend his spare time stalking me rather than make half-intelligent posts. Poor guy.

      • Oh, and thanks for voicing your approval of “unprovoked personal attacks.” Right down your alley these days.

    • You must be think of Toews boning the babysitter.
      Hey, isn’t he the same Vic Toews that was charged and convicted of breaking Manitoba election law?  Small world.

      • He is a pillager of the community.

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      • Wherry’s the one who’s getting all excited, right? Go bother him.

      • Dennis is trying to work some things out… it’s a confusing time for him. Let’s try to be understanding.

        • Larry, why are you so angry? Get another hobby. Something.

        • It’s been what – about ten years now?  :-)

          • Why are some of you so terrified of people disagreeing with you? Why these campaigns of resentment against dissenters? Like thugs.

          • Always with the drama…

          • And you’re always about anything but the substance of topics. Lord forbid you have to justify your leftist agenda. So much easier to simply attack people, isn’t it.

    • Dennis, why on earth would you go there?  You are making yourself sound freakishly deviant, not Aaron!

      • It’s so funny, and predictable, seeing some of you so desperately trying to turn the tables on me. He’s the one going crazy on this story, but somehow I’m the bad guy. Fascinating that.

        • I’m not calling you bad or turning any tables at all; I just genuinely find your remark weird and a little out of character.  And in impressively poor taste.

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          • Yes, let’s stay on the topic of conservative election fraud, rather than your bizarre sexual fantasies.

          • All I’m saying is that you, Wherry and Co. are going to be awfully disappointed — yet again — when your hyper accusations come to naught. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Ha ha.

    • Trolling. Why do you read Wherry when you loath him so?

      Do you forget that he is a person, or do you treat people like this as a matter of course?

      • Why in the world am I not allowed to be a critic of Wherry? You, he, and the lot of you hurl all kinds of vitriol against conservative opponents, then turn around and cry victim when someone dares to stand up to you. Life is tough, isn’t it? I hardly hate anyone, let alone leftie Wherry.

  6. Yes, let us take this Liberal at his word. Why would a failed Liberal candidate ever lie about such a thing?

    • Or when does a con ever tell the truth?

  7. We live in Doug Ferguson’s riding of London West and can verify that these calls were being made as we received one.  My husband reported it to Elections Canada and to Doug Ferguson’s office. 

    • Now Democracy Watch wants your letter and response from Elections Canada if you have it.

  8. Which party was most recently found guilty of contravening the elections act?

  9. OMG, the horror, that message, the horror.  Apocalypse now.

  10. Seriously Wherry, I find it hard to believe you and others think there is anything interesting whatsoever about that phone call.  Seriously.

    • Seriously?