The Michael Ignatieff Explanation Tour -

The Michael Ignatieff Explanation Tour

The former Liberal leader talks to Steve Paikin


The tour continues with a visit to Steve Paikin.


The Michael Ignatieff Explanation Tour

  1. He may have been adequate in his previous jobs but as a politician he had the leadership and charisma of an ill annelid . Whoever hand picked him and drafted him should have a reality check. Where the liberals that desperate? Bob Rae stood head and shoulders above Iggy on every score .

    • “but as a politician he had the leadership and charisma of an ill annelid”

      If that were true (which sounds like nonsense to me) he was still leaps and bounds ahead of Harper…

      “He may have been adequate in his previous jobs”

      Actually he was a world-renowned author, journalist and academic. I think “exceptional” is the word you’re looking for…

      • He supported the invasion of Iraq and water boarding. Not impressed

        • Iggy and Harper supported the invasion of Iraq, although for different reasons. Iggy supported the idea of a “humanitarian empire” that stops brutal dictators who commit crimes against humanity. Harper supported Bush’s neo-con agenda: trump up WMD charges to justify an invasion so America could get its hands on Iraq’s oil.

          No doubt, Iggy was wrong on Iraq. But he was right in general: it’s humanity’s responsibility to stop war criminals. There are other ways to accomplish this, like surgical strikes against military infrastructure and no-fly zones.

          Iggy most certainly did not support water boarding or any other form of outright torture. In his book “The Lesser Evil” he condemns torture and debunks the myth it’s a way to extract reliable information.

      • A little known fact about Mr. Ignatieff. He started work in the UK writing for the Guardian newspaper which is a very left wing, union oriented paper. When he saw a chance during the 1984 Miners strike to progress further under a Conservative government, he threw the striking miners under the bus and supported Thatcher. Derrick O’Keefe’s book Michael Ignatieff: The Lesser of Two Evils?, reveals that Ignatieff’s human rights discourse has served to mask his identification with political and economic elites. This man has used his grandfather’s and father’s positions to get ahead and then climbed onto every popular bandwagon going to keep ahead. Exceptional is not the word I would use. Running for the prime minister’s job was probably the only job he couldn’t pander for or use influence to get.

  2. In fairness, there are dozens of reasons why Iggy is the least successful party leader in Canadian political history, and it takes time to list them all.