The mysterious hum of Zug Island


Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has dispatched Bob Dechert to deal with Windsor’s hum.

“The Windsor Hum is having a negative effect on the day-to-day lives of Windsor residents,” said Baird. “We are prepared to collaborate with stakeholders and other levels of government to identify the source of the problem so that potential mitigation measures can be designed and implemented.”

The hum mystery is months old. A telephone town hall meeting about the problem in March drew 22,000 participants. The sound has been traced to Zug Island, but the Michigan town that includes Zug Island says it doesn’t have enough money to investigate. NDP MP Brian Masse took the issue to Washington last month.


The mysterious hum of Zug Island

  1. Try looking in the red-light district.

  2. Send in James Bond.. sounds like an Evil Mastermind has built a lair.

  3. I’m particularly concerned with the “other levels of government” our Foreign Affairs Minister speaks of because, as I understood it when I woke up this morning, Michigan is not some other level, but a state in an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT COUNTRY. 

  4. I bet it turns out to be where the real Tony Clement is being held, and the buzz is his weeping sadly over what the Harper-created impostor did to his reputation.

  5. Wasn’t Mr. Barid paying attention to Joe Oliver earlier this week?  Responsibilities for environmental assesements have been pulled from 37 departments and agencies.  Which included Foreign Affairs.

    This is now a job for the Nuclear Safety Commision!

    • And I  thought this government was against foreign interventions. 

  6. Could it be Pupetellos Wi-Fi- highout-put variable speed vibrator….just a thought……….

  7. Actually its not true Dechert was dispatched, he volunteered: when he heard ‘Hum’ he thought it might be a young Asian woman.

  8. The Mysterious Hum of Zug Island sounds like a Lovecraft story. Baird will probably find Harper’s Dark Master there.

    • Maybe Karl Rove’s lab where he turns out the pylons.

  9. Zug Island is pretty much covered in steel mills and railroad tracks. It might be a mystery  worth investigating if it ever stopped  humming.

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