The NDP calls dibs on aiding air passengers

Though actually it was a Liberal MP’s idea first


With it being suggested that the Harper government might be planning to include an air passenger bill of rights in its Throne Speech, the NDP is asserting its dibs on the idea and planning to introduce a new version of its own proposal this fall.

As I noted yesterday, the Conservatives voted against the most recent proposal for a passenger bill of rights in March and Kady O’Malley notes that the Conservatives also voted with the Bloc Quebecois to defeat a previous proposal.

Back in 2008, Liberal MP Gerry Byrne put forward a non-binding motion calling for an air passenger bill of rights and that motion passed the House unanimously, but only after an official in the office of the foreign affairs minister had encouraged airlines to help stop it.


The NDP calls dibs on aiding air passengers

  1. A perfect demonstration of why the Cons are taunting Trudeau to put some policies in the window. Smash-and-grab is an easy way to acquire attractive items for them to fence in an election.

  2. Trudeau can NOT release a platform before the next election. If he does, Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party will steal the whole darn thing and claim credit for it.

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