The new face of the Conservative party -

The new face of the Conservative party


Helena Guergis has been banished to seat #153 in the far corner of the right side of the House.

Taking her seat in the place that will be immediately visible to TV viewers over the Prime Minister’s right shoulder is Denis Lebel.


The new face of the Conservative party

  1. Denis Lebel was sitting right beside Guergis at seat #152 or 154 and already immediately visible to TV viewers over the Prime Minister's right shoulder. So who takes his spot?

    • This picture would have been taken before she was banished to #153. So Lebel's seat # wouldn't be 152 or 153.

      • I misread the seat numbering.

        Before she was banished, Lebel was sitting right beside her, already directly over Harper's right shoulder. So the big move for him is to move one seat to his left. Not sure why and I'm not sure who takes his spot.

        Incidentally, if you ever watch the people in the row directly behind you, has Harper put all the women in his caucus directly behind him?

        And have you ever watched Raitt since she was demoted: could anyone sit straighter? or nod their head more often and in a more exaggerated fashion than she does whenever Harper speaks?

        • No doubt Raitt went through the re-education program.

          • I thought they called it Stepford?

  2. 152 or 154

  3. This is a disaster from a purely aesthetic perspective – M. Lebel has a face made for radio :)

    • No doubt, not many people are referring to the replacement as "eye-candy".
      Then again – different strokes for different folks!

      • He ain't pretty. He just looks that way!

        Finally, a Northern Pikes reference! Muhuhaha…

  4. An old, white male. What are the odds?

    • Since when was 55 old?

      • When you work in the public service.

        • <cheapshot> Does anyone work in the public service? </cheapshot>

      • 55 used to be old until most of the Boomers got there. Now, 55 is redefined to be the new 35 or whatever… and the rest of us are stuck with those annoying Grey Power auto insurance and adult diaper TV ads.

        • Excuse me, but this is getting insulting. Some 55 and over read and comment here – they work hard and pay their taxes (unless they are union folks).

          • Did you take a cheap shot at one group while decrying a cheap shot taken at another?

            Stay classy dude.

          • really didn't quite mean it to be a cheap shot – I have many friends who worked for union companies who are retired at age 50 and up

          • Fair enough :)

          • Develop a thicker skin. I'm only in my mid-forties and I'm already warning my kids about the diaper changes that await them. Or that they might watch Soylent Green for tips on handling an ageing population.

            You boomers certainly don't have any ideas left.

    • Hey – An old, white male from Quebec.
      This is still kinda rare for Conservatives…

  5. This is a temporary solution. Shelly Glover, aka Sarah Palin (Canadian edition), will surely take that seatslot.

    • Shelly is a lot smarter than Sara Palin and a real soccer mum, coaches and plays
      Gary coopland

  6. The shallow part of the pool is a lot more shallower then I ever imagined. :-)

  7. Which beauty contest did Lebel win?

    • I would have thought Rona would have been put there. She's doing Guergis' job now. Come to think of it, Rona is like the office floater. Whenever someone is removed from a position, she gets it.

    • Best in Show. AROOO!

      *tsk* That's not really very nice of me, is it?


  8. Lets see Helena gets the boot. Rahim was hanging out with busty hookers. Tiger shoots 69 on Sunday. Harper hanging out with Chad Kroeger. Where the devil is Feschuk? Can one O.D. on comedy?