The official sentencing of Brazeau, Duffy and Wallin -

The official sentencing of Brazeau, Duffy and Wallin

The penalties imposed on the Senate’s infamous trio


Via the Senate’s communications branch, the official penalties to be enforced against Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau as a result of this evening’s votes.

Today, the Senate ordered the suspension of Senator Patrick Brazeau, Senator Mike Duffy and Senator Pamela Wallin for sufficient cause. They are suspended until such time as the suspension is rescinded.

Senators Brazeau, Duffy and Wallin have been informed that, as provided in the Senate decision, the following conditions will apply:

i) while under suspension, they shall not receive any remuneration or reimbursement of expenses from the Senate, including any sessional allowance or living allowance;

ii) their right to the use of Senate resources, including funds, goods, services, premises, moving and transportation, travel and telecommunication expenses, shall be suspended for the duration of the suspension;

iii) they shall not receive any other benefit from the Senate during the duration of the suspension; and

iv) Notwithstanding the paragraphs above, during the period of suspension, they shall have normal access to Senate resources necessary to continue life, health and dental insurance coverage.

The Senate reports on the expenses of Mr. Duffy, Mr. Brazeau and Ms. Wallin are here.


The official sentencing of Brazeau, Duffy and Wallin

  1. This will be the biggest ever cover-up in Canadian history, that the people of this country will never ever get to hear the whole truth about. I did learn though,their is one thing steven harper does know about history, and that is, how to burry it.

    • What are you alleging is being covered up?

  2. Why you should not work or vote for the Cokservative Party of Canada. They promise you carte blanche and give you a Macbag at a bus stop.