The one thing you can’t fight


Olivia Chow reflects.

“Arguing with fate is a completely useless exercise,” she said. “There’s one thing in life, you don’t know when you’re going to die, how you’re going to, so why question it . . . It’s a waste of emotional energy.”

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The one thing you can’t fight

  1. With the greatest respect to Ms. Chow, and sympathy for her loss, I highly doubt this is the medical advice Mr. Layton would have received when he decided to fight his last campaign.

  2. Interesting. One of the knee-jerk types on another thread tried to suggest that we can in fact fight death. Mind you, he/she was making the argument while suggesting we can fight something else: climate change. So, that’s at least two things we can’t fight, right?  (Before some of you knee-jerk types predictably jump on this, think about it. Climate change happens regardless of what we do, doesn’t it. Heck, I didn’t pick the terminology. I only expose its inanity. That’s all.)

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