The perfect partisan


Pierre Poilievre stays on message.

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The perfect partisan

  1. A perfect specimen of the many Stepford Wives populating the CPC caucus..

    • They were not as robotic.

  2. I cannot bring myself to watch the loathsome little prick speak.

  3. To steal Harvey Locke’s line, if they were to make a documentary about Conservative MPs, it’d be called “Silence of the Lambs.”

    • Except that they’re constantly bleating, “carbon tax, carbon tax”, and trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

  4. And why not? Given that either the media shows Pierre spouting his message or doesn’t show him at all and wastes the expenditure of getting him interviewed in the first place, the CPC know damn well that their message is going to be played.

    They’ve figured out that since the media has no interest in actually informing us as opposed to keeping us watching, then there’s no media that will take a principled stance and deny them the publicity they want.

    • Wouldn’t it be awesome if just once they simply turned off the camera halfway through such a farce of an interview, telling the subject…’sorry, but we have neither the time or the resources for this bud, just write out on a sticky note and drop it by the studio. However, we can’t promise to go with it. Call us when you have something else to say.’

  5. Arrrrhhh! A parrot loik dat would look luvly on me masthead!

    – Pirate Pete

  6. I wonder, does his mum have to wind him up before she pushes him out the door in the am?

  7. Wow, according to Mike Lake they’ve created 30,000 ‘net new jobs’ since Friday. He’s paroting 830,000 nnj’s in an attempt to divert attention away from the Chinese investment file.

  8. Gah. Painful. Is he contemptuous in his smirking roboticism? Or is he really just CPC3-0? The fact that the correspondent points out that he’s being a pillar of dumb repetition and, well, Canadians aren’t that stupid makes him slyly or stupidly (who knows, really?) say “Thanks!” is just completely emblematic of the state of our current governmental mire. Gah.

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