‘The Prime Minister claims to not have a hidden agenda’


In a release headlined “MP Bev Oda’s resignation is good news for unborn children,” the pro-life Campaign Life Coalition celebrates Ms. Oda’s exit, blaming her for the decision last year to fund Planned Parenthood (the same decision spurred Brad Trost to speak out).

Campaign Life Coalition is pleased with the announced resignation of Bev Oda, Minister of International Cooperation. In 2010, Oda spoke against the stated decision of her leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, when he said that Canada would not pay for abortions in developing countries. She even pushed her agenda to get funding for International Planned Parenthood Federation (the largest promoter of abortion in the world) after the fact in 2011.

“She should have been asked to resign at that time,” said Jim Hughes, National President of Campaign Life Coalition (CLC). “Other ministers were removed for far less arrogance and disobedience. In addition to this, her scandalous misuse of taxpayers’ money shows very clearly that this Minister should have been removed years ago,” added Hughes.

“The Prime Minister claims to not have a hidden agenda on abortion but when it comes to pro-abortion ministers and their agendas he looks the other way, “ said Mary Ellen Douglas, National Organizer for CLC. “Oda has been notorious in her pro-abortion position.” 

Campaign Life Coalition is asking supporters to write to the Prime Minister to urge him to appoint ministers who have a true concern for maternal and infant health both in the developing world and in Canada.


‘The Prime Minister claims to not have a hidden agenda’

  1. Fetuses everywhere join Canadian people in welcoming Oda’s departure. Not sure how …

  2. I urge everyone to write to the Prime Minister
    and urge him to appoint people
    who are :

    Not ethically bankrupt Dean Del MastroNot bungling incompetents Vic ToewsNot indefatigable liars Tony Clement, Peter MacKayNot myopic toadies Peter Kent Not attack dogs Peter Van LoanNot lapdogs Christian Paradis, Pierre Poilievre

    • Not like whoever it was that destroyed the independence of the National
      Energy Board, a court like body that is supposed to be free of political
      influence but can now have decisions on company proposals overridden by
      the Minister. It was set up to be independent of political influence by Diefenbaker, who they claim to admire, and is likely scowling down at them for a number of reasons, because of previous huge scandals. Not incredibly belligerent and obviously anti-Palestinian to the point where he took a tiny reference to Canada’s positive feelings toward the people of Palestine out of draft UN speech confirming Canada’s undying support for the Israel government – Baird. Not promoters of hysterically misleading books – Kenney on the Levant book re the Khadr case. Not robotic repeaters of talking points who have made a mockery of Question Period – pretty much them all.

  3. Although Comrade Harper claims that he has no hidden agenda, he has admitted that he forgets every now and then to inform the wonderful inhabitants of Harpanistan as to just what his plans are for the totalitarian regime. Long live our Great and Glorious Leader!.

  4. The world is over populated

  5. “pro-abortion”…what kind of lable is that?
    I guess they conviniently ignore the “choice” part in pro-CHOICE.
    I don’t see anyone rooting for abortions. I see people fighting to retain the right for women to chose

    • Pro-Abortion means you are ok with abortion. You say “people fighting to retain the right (what right? No legal right as there is no law!) for women to chose”(choose). Choose what? Abortion , or to choose to have her unborn child killed by an abortionist. That means you’re pro- abortion!

      • Pro-choice. Honey, it’s about women’s rights. The right to choose what goes on inside one’s own body.

        • And funding for an organization that promotes abortions has what to do with choice? Is Planned Parenthood the only thing standing in the way of Canadian women being forced into back ally abortions?

    • Choose to do WHAT? Finish the sentence.

    • Choose to do WHAT…..finish the sentence.

    • “She even pushed her agenda to get funding for International Planned Parenthood Federation (the largest promoter of abortion in the world) after the fact in 2011″ – He’s complaining that they cut funding for “the largest promoter of abortion in the world”. Seems to me he’s rooting for abortions. If it was about “choice” as you say, then we’d hear nothing about this debate in Canada, because we don’t have any abortion laws.

  6. The Harper government promised not to change abortion law, to get elected, and then they implemented anti-abortion policy based on their personal opinions and those of their supporters. They sponsored a maternal health program for women in poor countries that didn’t include info on abortion services. They were criticized by both Hilary Clinton and the UK foreign minister for that at an international meeting in Canada. Headlines appeared in the US media accusing Clinton of pushing abortion in Canada, as if it was illegal here. Just one example of them misrepresenting Canada. And who knows what else they’ve done to push their agenda behind the scenes that nobody knows about.

    • Like sending senators to say “shut up about it if you know what’s good for you”

  7. Justin Bieber was asked about abortion. He is against them, even in cases of rape, saying “Everything happens for a reason.”
    Really, Justin? Rape happens for a reason? Is rape “God’s Will”?

    Selena could not be reached for comment.

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