The pro-business candidate -

The pro-business candidate


Megan Fitzpatrick profiles NDP leadership candidate Martin Singh.

Singh outlines his call for a new national strategy to encourage more innovation and entrepreneurship on his website, and he says he wants to engage Canadians in a conversation about “the positive value of business, innovation, profit, wealth creation and entrepreneurship.”

He says he wants to create an environment where it’s easier for people to invest and become entrepreneurs. His proposals include: Tax incentives for people who invest in a family member’s business; Lowering the cost of consulting programs; Developing youth mentorship programs; Increasing financial literacy; Encouraging more foreign investment.


The pro-business candidate

  1. Nowhere in world has socialism worked to produce wealth so why does Singh, or any dipper for that matter, think it will work in Canada?

    NDP and ‘pro-business’ are oxymorons.

    • Try Norway.

      • Fun fact: Oil and gas production makes up more than 25% of Norway’s GDP.  “Socialism” didn’t produce Norway’s wealth.

        • Another fun fact:

          The state has large ownership positions in key industrial sectors, such as the strategic petroleum sector (Statoil and Aker Solutions), hydroelectric energy production (Statkraft), aluminium production (Norsk Hydro), the largest Norwegian bank (DnB NOR), and telecommunication provider (Telenor). Through these big companies, the government controls approximately 30% of the stock values at the Oslo Stock Exchange. When non-listed companies are included, the state has even higher share in ownership (mainly from direct oil license ownership). Norway is a major shipping nation and has the world’s 6th largest merchant fleet, with 1,412 Norwegian-owned merchant vessels.

        • What they do with the money generated by the oil and gas and how they are saving for the future with their Sovereign Fund are definitely functions of their social democratic foundations – as opposed to the Heritage Fund (when was the last time any oil revenues were deposited in it?)

          I would bet though that some of their more nanny-statish policies would really grate here. 

        • True, but how they use the wealth is largely determined by social democrats.