The quiet cuts -

The quiet cuts

Scientific research at Environment Canada takes a hit


Mike De Souza finds concerns about cuts at Environment Canada.

The Harper government’s budget cuts to scientific research at Environment Canada have compromised the department’s capacity to crack down on cancer-linked pollution and its mandate to enforce clean air regulations, say enforcement officers in a collection of internal emails obtained by Postmedia News.

As the government continues consultations with the oil and gas industry on regulations to address rising heat-trapping greenhouse gases, the emails, exchanged between Environment Canada enforcement officers from various regions including Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver, said that the government was eliminating the only Canadian group capable of writing and supervising credible testing methods for new and existing rules to impose limits on pollution from smokestacks.

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The quiet cuts

    • Yes, we must Stop Harper now or we’re all going to die tomorrow.

      • I’m glad you’ve taken such a rational and reasonable position. We have a spot for you on the wall.

      • Ah, is that the official TP for the decision to cut the smoke stack monitoring team then? We’re all going to die at some point, so why hobble the economy now?

        If we’re gonna go down that road i demand free smokes and cheap vodka, you know the good kind – Polish is mine. Or is that somehow unpatriotic too; like expecting the govt to do its very best to ensure we don’t die before we have to?

  1. man made climate change has been totally debunked even at the UN…try and keep up.

    • No. It hasn’t. Stop lying.