The quiet cuts -

The quiet cuts


Bill Curry finds more than two dozen jobs eliminated at Industry Canada.

But the timing of the news is being questioned given that many of the cuts stem from restraint plans launched more than a year ago – not the government cuts promised in the 2011 budget. “People didn’t know that these plans were in place, of course, until after the government was elected, so I find that whole thing rather distasteful,” said Gary Corbett, president of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada. “People knew what was going to happen, but they saved announcements until after the election.”


The quiet cuts

  1. I have two different friends both of which work in branches at Industry hit by this cut. Seems that 2 directorates were cut out entirely, but most of the employees will be placed in other existing positions within the main branch that are currently empty.

    So the actual cut of existing employees turns out to be: 1

    Not too much to fret about here I think.