The rules of hum diplomacy


Conservative MP Jeff Watson is concerned that the Ontario government is being too aggressive in its pursuit of the Windsor hum.

Watson said the federal government has been pursuing the matter “under the radar” since a 2011 report by Natural Resources Canada, which determined the hum is coming from a one-square-kilometre area in or near industrial Zug Island in River Rouge. He said in contrast to the federal government’s silent course of action the “tone and approach” of three letters sent late last March by provincial Minister of Environment Jim Bradley “have not been necessarily helpful. 

“When you’re dealing in diplomatic relationships you have to be a bit more nuanced and a little more positive and sort of draw partners in. If the tone or tenor is a bit strong or instructive that could put people off,” Watson said Tuesday.


The rules of hum diplomacy

  1. Sue the steel mill….law suits get attention.

  2. Oh, that’s hilarious. Where was he when we were negotiating a continuance of a military base with the UAE? And, this hum didn’t start yesterday. I’m all for drawing partners in and being nuanced–for a period of time. If it is clear that that isn’t working, there comes a time when you must start moving up the insistent ladder.

  3. Is “silent course of action” code for “let’s ignore it and hope it goes away”? Because he ain’t gonna convince me the CPC can be nuanced and build diplomatic relationships given their record.

  4. Jeff Watson in short: “We should hum and haw”.

    • …or maybe, “they hum and we haw”.

  5. You have got to be kidding me…..So the “tone or tenor is a bit strong” try listening to this Hum. It gets so dang strong that I get physically sick to my stomach from the vibrations it causes in my home. We are not here to make friends and if our “tone” is putting you off then we are doing what we set out to do…..to get your attention and stop this noise once and for all. Get over yourself mr watson, its time to put your ego aside and do what you are payed very well to do…..look after your constituents that are suffering needlessly because of industry in River Rouge.

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