The Russians aren’t coming


Despite what you might have heard, David Pugliese reports that the Defence department isn’t worried about a Russian military threat in the Arctic.

The Government of Canada is committed to protecting Canada’s security and exercising its sovereignty in the North, including in Canada’s Arctic internal waters. Defence issues do not drive Arctic affairs and Canada does not see a military threat in the Arctic, including from Russia.

 From a defence perspective, relations with Russia and our other Northern neighbours remain positive and are marked by cooperation in several areas given shared challenges associated with operating in the unique Arctic environment and the mutual benefit of exchanging lessons learned and best practices.

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The Russians aren’t coming

  1. The Russians aren’t coming!! Damn! Last time i listen to Peter Mac.

    Does that mean we can by a zillion microlights equipped with sidewinders instead of 65 odd F35bizillions?

    • Do they have UAVs equipped with sidewinders now?

      I was just wondering over in Wherry’s recent F35 thread if anyone’s started to seriously use UAVs for air to air combat yet. I didn’t know that existed (outside of prototypes and testing maybe).

      • I hate it when someone like you comes along and asks me difficult questions:)
        What are UAVs? Presumably the correct name for microlights??
        Seems like a good idea though. I guess we’d still need a few F35 or its equivalent in any case…just in case Peter was right for once in his life. Not that we could actually stop the Russians,

        • Sorry to have been a bit too pedantic, I just find this stuff fascinating (always was a fighter jet lover as a kid). UAV is just any “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle”, a more generic term (some of the more modern UAVs are anything but “light” – the prototypes of the really advanced stuff are as big as some of smaller MANNED fighters).

          I don’t think they’ve started seriously using UAVs for air to air combat yet, but they’re working on it. I did read about an incident in the Iraq War in which a Predator with a Stinger missile fired at an Iraqi plane, but apparently it missed and the plane shot down the drone. Still, a real world example of the sort of thing that’s to come I’m sure.

          • Wouldn’t that be a hoot if ordinary citizen/flyers were able to bring down overpriced bazillion dollar fighters some day?

          • The only problem being that a UAV capable of bringing down an F35 would likely ITSELF be an bazillion dollar piece of equipment.

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