The search for Mike Duffy's home -

The search for Mike Duffy’s home

The Senator defends his ties to PEI


The Senate committee on internal economy announced this morning that it has referred the “residency declarations and related expenses” of senators Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau and Mac Harb to an independent auditor. The committee is also “seeking legal advice on the question of Senator Duffy’s residency.”

In response, Senator Duffy has issued the following statement.

“As a Prince Edward Islander, born and bred, I am proud to represent my province and its interests in the Senate of Canada.

I represent taxpayers with care, and Canadians know I would never do anything to betray the public trust. I have a home in Prince Edward Island as required by law. I will have no further comment until this review is complete.”


The search for Mike Duffy’s home

  1. I moved back to PEI after 10 years in NB. After 6 months Iapplied for a reduction in taxation for my properties as I was no longer a non-resident. i had to provide, Health PEI card, Drivers license, proof of employee etc…no problem…Now Mike knows the law and guess what he ignored it and took the free pass of money..He’s guilty…IS hes Drivers licens 2 years out of date? is it a PEI license…

    • Yes, he did, and Harper knew all along (well, anyone who ever watched the news knew) that Duffy hasn’t lived in PEI since the Seventies.

      • He didn’t come back (to PEI) for you

        Sound familiar?

        • Just visiting.

        • Awesome. :)

  2. Duffy should have had much of these residential documents as of the day he was appointed to the Senate. To scurry for them now is beside the point, even if they showed up in the mail today.

  3. Duffy later added: “When the heck are we going to merge with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia anyway? I only ask as a proud PE Islander, of course.”

    • Yes – much, much better

  4. From the Globe and Mail 2011 regarding the Liberal Senator;

    The Mounties allege his travels to Bangladesh were “for a purpose
    other than the public good.” Mr. Harb has not been charged with a crime.
    He did not respond to repeated requests for an interview prior to
    publication of this story in Saturday’s Globe and Mail, but he has been
    questioned by the police. However, on Saturday he released
    this statement.

    In a statement, Niko said that it retained Mr. Harb only in a
    personal capacity, and “not as a Senator.” The company said it paid him
    $65,000 for work done between September, 2005 and July, 2006.

    “The company inquired and was advised by Mr. Harb that he had
    obtained all of the necessary approvals from the Senate Ethics Committee
    to be able to carry out this engagement,” the company’s statement said.

    RCMP Corporal Kevin Duggan has alleged in a sworn affidavit that
    between 2004 and 2006, Mr. Harb travelled to Dhaka at least four times
    to lobby Bangladeshi officials about a dispute over natural-gas payments
    – despite warnings from Canada’s diplomatic corps that he was not
    welcome. Specifically, a former high commissioner to Bangladesh told the
    Mounties that because Mr. Harb was “personally involved with the
    company” his trips were “not good for the image of Canada.”

    The 72-page affidavit, which was obtained by The Globe and Mail after
    a year-long legal battle with the Alberta Justice Department and Niko,
    was released this week but, by the order of Mr. Justice William Tilleman
    of Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench, it was heavily redacted.

    Mr. Harb’s name has been redacted from the sworn affidavit, but The
    Globe has independently confirmed that he was the target of the
    production order obtained by the Mounties in December, 2009. The order
    required a Calgary office of the Bank of Nova Scotia to hand over all of
    its files related to a bank account, a line of credit, as well as a