The separatists amongst us


Colin Horgan notes the presence of Michel Rivard in the Conservative caucus.

The Conservative Party has also not been without its recent affiliations with Quebec separatists. Among his 18 Senate appointments in 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed Michel Rivard to the upper chamber. Rivard was a former Parti Québécois MNA under Jacques Parizeau’s tenure, and a Canadian Alliance candidate for Québec in 2000.

Mr. Rivard apparently campaigned for independence during the 1995 referendum.


The separatists amongst us

  1. As usual….people living in glass houses…

  2. This is becoming an ugly witchunt.  To my eyes, it’s one thing to have in the past held view which differ from those one holds in the present. People change and circumstances change over time.  

    It’s another to be at once a member of two political parties with radically different core politicies, as is the case with Madame Turmel. 

    • Well who first started screaming….’Look, a witch, a witch….?’

      • Is there any left wing flake you don’t endorse? or have there been, ever?

        • Morning, senorito

          I am not now, nor have I ever been, nor would I ever be, left wing

          But it seems the flakes in the rightwing screamed ‘witch’, created a mob in the media….. and now want to pretend they know nothing about it.

          Personal responsibility eh?

          • OriginalEmily1 – it’s not the flakes in the rightwing who have created this mob in the media.  It’s the Bloc who has created this mob in the media by leaking the content of a private letter between a member and the party to the Globe and Mail.  The mob is looking for bad Quebeckers who have sinfully converted to a federalist party.  Don’t think so binary, OritinalEmily1

          • Cons have a dossier on everyone, and were pointing it out before the BQ said anything

            Days later you’re still complaining about it

          • How can the Bloc be a spent force and yet capable of all this muck raking? 

      • I never cried witch!  I cried, please clarify your positions.  Don’t think so binary, OriginalEmily1

        • Cons cried ‘witch’ and you chimed right in, because you are binary in your thinking. Things for you are either/or and black/white.

          • You are binary in your thinking that everything relates to the cons.  This is clearly a case of the sovereignists hunting those in Quebec who have moved to the NDP. 

          • Cons are the govt…so naturally they get talked about most….just like Libs did when they were govt.

            The only ones ‘hunting’ are people like you

          • But you joined right in.  Why attack her if she’s a victim of a witch hunt?

  3. Poor Stephen Harper – is he going to be “disappointed” again?

    It must be hard to be a man of such impeccable values, surrounded by inferior people…

  4. We have had 40 years of PM – Que lawyers who are comfortable with separatists while majority of R of Canada go bonkers when separatists are mentioned.

    Wherry, you have spent the past few years proving Harper is a hypocrite. I am not convinced you got your money’s worth at journo school because every human being is a hypocrite, not just Harper, so spending your life proving someone is a hypocrite does not seem entirely useful or productive. 

    I would like to read an article about how Que lawyers, with questionable attitudes, have been ruling Canada for past 40 years while not at all caring that Rest of Canada quite like the country and do not appreciate separatists. Trudeau, Mulroney, Bouchard, Chretien, Martin, Lapierre, Dion, Trumel … I am sure there are many more. 

    When will we get leaders who actually like Canada as it is? 


    “The Nemnis’ book, a model of scholarly rigour and research, reveals that as a youth and young man in the 1930s and early 1940s, Trudeau was no champion of democracy and individual freedoms. He was instead an ardent Quebec nationalist who, during the worst of the war years, admired fascist dictators, regarded reports of Nazi atrocities as British propaganda, plotted treason against the Canadian state and actively promoted a revolution to establish an independent Quebec solely for Catholic French Canadians.

    As the Nemnis put it, Trudeau in his youth “was remarkably different from what we and everyone else had assumed.”


    • And Stephen Harper was once a liberal.  People change and circumstances change.  I could quote you textually the same person stating that the only way we could ever have a deficit was to elect Stephane Dion, but for you I won’t bother.

    • Thank God we have a wasp economist cleaning up the mess.

      • Stephen Harper is a lifelong politician and lobbyist.

        He was never an economist.

  5. “We make the rules.  The rules only apply to you, however.”

    – the new Tea Party North Conservative slogan

  6. Yeah, but he isn’t lying about it like Turmel. Why is she lying about her past?

  7. Trust Wherry to cut and paste the only paragraph that could possibly provide a scrap of meat to the Harper-haters.   

    The differences between Rivard’s situation and Turmel’s situation are blindingly obvious.  Let’s not turn this into an ex-separatist witchhunt in an effort to manufacture bullsh*t “contradictions”.

    • Precisely my point.

    • The differences between Rivard’s situation and Turmel’s situation are blindingly obvious.

      Yes.  Rivard is a former member of a separatist PQ government who was appointed to the Senate.  Turmel is a former member of a separatist party who was appointed interim leader of an opposition party.

      Isn’t the former actually MORE concerning than the latter???

      • No, it isn’t, LKO.  Nice try, though.

        • So, why is it less concerning to have someone who was formerly a separatist and once sat in a separatist PQ government appointed to the Senate of Canada than it is for someone who claims to have never been a separatist (but was once a member of a separatist party) appointed to be interim head of an opposition party?

          I’m not saying that can’t be so, but I’d be interested in seeing the explanation.

  8. Jan BC – Nycole Turmel is being asked to clarify her positions because she has muddied them herself by belonging at once to multiple parties that have different core principles.  More importantly, she refused to address this when it was put to her during the campaign.  That’s not a witch hunt.  It’s a situation she has created and must in fairness to her constituents redress. 

    Michel Rivard was no longer a PQ minister when he ran for the Alliance or when he was appointed to the Senate. He may have had a change of heart on separation.  That’s his business.

  9. Not sure what this Horgan bit establishes other than separatist parties contain individuals with diverse ideological bents. The only thing they seem to have in common is the desire to 23-skidoo from the nation as a whole. Turmel is labour/left no doubt, but has quite clearly claimed her commitment to federalism. The NDP is okay with that. Rivard is more like a relic Creditiste with a nationalist bent. The CPC is hunk-dory with that. 

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