The trials of Shawn Atleo -

The trials of Shawn Atleo


APTN details the chatter about Shawn Atleo’s health and leadership and the Globe looks at the possibility of a non-confidence vote, while Tim Harper reports on threats and infighting.

As he rode to a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper last Friday, Shawn Atleo’s Blackberry buzzed. “Since you have decided to betray me, all I ask of you now is to help carry my cold dead body off this island,’’ the text message said.

It was sent in the name of Chief Theresa Spence, but those who saw the text believe it came from someone else in her circle on Victoria Island. But they were certain about one thing — the timing, moments before he went into one of the most important meetings of his life, was meant to destabilize the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations and undermine his efforts at a meeting which many in his organization fiercely opposed.


The trials of Shawn Atleo

  1. Well so far I’ve heard that he’s totally stressed out, and needs a short vacation….or that he has Norovirus and will apparently be over it in 2 weeks….and the latest is that he has dangerously low blood pressure and is bleeding internally….so who knows.

  2. Unbelievable – this Chief Of Receipts No More : takes it to whole new levels! of course the text is from her – I love people who simply can’t face truth so have to warp their reality to fit into some conspiracy and then drink deeply of the koolaid:) – look let’s face it folks – do not undersetimate the collective wisdom of the average canadian … Spence is toast her words and actions mean nothing and she has now become part of the problem and not any solution – this much is painfullly obvious and I havve genuine sympathy for those who started out supporting her and her cause : having said that it is now time to start thinking about actually getting somehting done and as long as this lady and palmeter are given any attention the loner it willl be before anything concrete and of value willl be done for the cause. The sooner all parties get back to the table as harpr and Atleo have the sooner the FN peoples will actually be able to improve their lot until then the prideful and vain ridden activists will only dig the hole deeper and deeper !

  3. What a drama queen. In the Grand Chief’s weakened condition, I’d be glad to take his place. But, I’ll have to borrow my buddies truck to move her body off the island. I don’t think the Ram 2500 would be capable of carrying it.

    • Fat jokes – how classy.

    • Her obesity is probably, to some extent, an inherited trait. Is your idiocy?

  4. That’s a disgusting text message to send. Especially considering Spence was the one who demanded the meeting in the first place!!!

    What an utterly disgusting excuse for a human being.

    • What an utterly disgusting excuse for a human being.

      Pay attention everyone. Mr. Omen is an authority on this subject.

  5. Admittedly many of the first nations are suffering (among many other problems) from what stems from antiquated laws, uneven sharing of wealth and assets by the self serving band politicians and their friends, families and unqualified appointees.that results in poverty and contributes to social decay. The losers…the poor the sick the abused and the Canadian taxpayer. The system is broken, drug and alcohol abuse rampant, Canadians need to support the government in overhauling the entire system so that we can all be treated as Canadians equally. Everybody should pay their taxes and those who misappropriate finds should be held accountable and punished , Canadians who choose to live a more rural existence should be allowed to hunt for food for personal and family consumption but not for commercial wealth development. By creating this welfare state, we have driven the initiative and personal drive from those who could otherwise prosper.

    Sorry, it’s time to resolve the Quebec issues, the native issues, and the unfairness that is rampant. Time to make all politicians accountable for how they spend and that includes our first nations.Time for a Canadian rebirth where we are all equals and common sense dictates. Sometimes you have to help those who have lost their way. We have an obligation to address the abuses of some of the native elders (politicians) on their own people and in turn protect the average taxpayer.

    Times are changing, we are in a global economy, do we really want to have the tribal environment that is currently destroying so many other parts of the world.