The Trudeau scripts

Conservative suggestions for dismissing Justin Trudeau


Included amongst the Conservative documents obtained and distributed by the Liberals yesterday were two pages of scripts, apparently meant to be part of the mailouts.

In case you need something to say at your next dinner party, here is the page entitled “No Experience” and here is the page marked “No Judgement.”


The Trudeau scripts

  1. Meh, easily dismissed. Liberals just have to remind Canadian’s of some of Harper’s ‘Judgement’ calls

    – Iraq
    – No Recession
    – Deregulation of Banking system
    – Etc….

    • Hahahahahaha. 1) Harper didn’t send Canada to Iraq. 2) You’d rather the PM be warning the country about an impending recession? Telling people to stop spending, be very very afraid, etc? That’s not how a national leader handles the economy. 3) Did Harper deregulate the banking system? Oh, no, he didn’t?

      2 strikes there Nik.

      • A lack of ability to follow through with your intent does not improve your judgment, which is what this is about. It just shows you have a lack of ability compounding your judgment.

  2. That’s simply extraordinary. Any moment now OB will arrive to berate us for daring to think all Conservatives are imbeciles or eeevil.

    Wherever would we get such an idea!

  3. I think the pamphlet is used in a reasonable manner.

    I hope Justin will use the 10% wisely too. Perhaps Justin can do a lengthy write-up as to why searching for root causes for people who feel excluded could be useful.

    His short reply to Peter Mansbridge was just not clear enough!

    • Neither one on my dime, thanks.
      I’m a fiscal conservative and this is just bullshit.

      • I wonder if JT has the heft yet [ probably not] to use this kind of issue to wedge fiscal Cons away from Harper? Something has to give eventually.

        • Yeah, something has to give. And Justin’s handlers just keep on giving!! :))

    • Why is it reasonable to you? These pamphlets are meant to inform citizens on the work of their MPs in the HoC. What information do you get?

      During the Mulroney years, I would get mailings showing 4 or 5 photos of my Con MP shaking hands with someone while handing out a cheque. And that’s OK: I knew what program in my neighborhood was being funded, what renovation or improvement was underway, etc.

      Can you tell us for what reason you find these reasonnable? In what way do they inform you about the work your MP does for you in the HoC?

      • Hi Loraine! Haven’t heard from you for a while.

        I find it important to know what leadership Justin is proposing. The CPC flyers tell me that Justin favours Quebec’s values over other Canadian values. And my riding will be affected by a leader who believes in Quebec over the ROC. I don’t live in Quebec, you see. I live in Canada.

        Oh, and the flyers tell me more about how unreasonable Justin can be. It tells us about how Justin feels the need to search for root causes as to why people feel excluded (really, he did say that). But if one can reason, then one will find out that such search for root causes is an unreasonable one. Canada, and therefore my riding, will be negatively affected when unreasonable people become PM.

        Anything else you want to know, just ask. I may answer if I know the answer to your questions.

        • I don’t vote for a leader of a party. I don’t vote for a party either. I vote for a candidate in my riding. The qualities of the leader doesn’t tell me anything when I get to vote cause I don’t live in Harper’s, Trudeau’s or Mulcair’s riding. I presume you live in one of those, probably in Quebec because you sound like an anglo-Quebecer.

        • So.. telling you about the judgment of a person who won’t be in power for at least two years.. that’s important enough for your tax dollars to be spent on?

  4. Blech. I’ve got no problem with the TV ads but this is utter garbage. You want to attack Trudeau? Fill your boots…but use your own cash.

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