The War of 1812's TV front -

The War of 1812’s TV front


The Hill Times tallies $8 million in spending on War of 1812 advertising.

The Canadian Heritage department was the biggest spender, paying $1.45-million to CTV for prime time space to broadcast one War of 1812 ad during the summer Olympic Games, with a further $1.2-million bill for the ad’s planning and production costs … The mint spent a total of $1.6-million on television ads alone, all centred around commercials for circulation of a $2 coin commemorating a British navy warship. 

The total budget for War of 1812 celebrations was previously reported to be $28 million.


The War of 1812’s TV front

  1. The narrative of the War of 1812 was deliberately used to promote the military, our participation in past wars, Afghanistan, Libya…..and our ‘inner warrior’.

    An attempt at the militarization of Canada….that fell flat.on it’s keister.

  2. I’d laugh my arse off if I wasn’t on the hook to pay for this nationalistic crap. Just. Stop.

  3. Will all the participants be in blue too?

  4. Men and their toys – they do the same stupid games in the US

  5. I’ll lead with the caveat that, as many will know, I don’t really have a big problem with all of this War of 1812 commemoration stuff, and while it may be over-done, and I haven’t always appreciated the tenor of it, I lean more from mildly positive to indifferent on it.

    With that in mind, and your grain of salt ready, surely to the extent that people do object to the War of 1812 stuff the MINT should be immune, no?

    The Mint operates at a profit, and is advertising a product that they will be selling. It’s not just “rah, rah patriotism” stuff in that case, it’s “buy this commemorative coin”, and as the Mint is quite good at what they do (both in the quality of the product they produce, and their salesmanship) I don’t see how anyone can really fault them for THEIR advertising spending. If anyone’s going to commemorate historic events like this, surely the RCM and Canada Post ought to be doing so. It’s kinda what they do.

    Anybody vociferously opposed to the whole War of 1812 thing willing to join me in at least cutting the MINT some slack?

    • I agree completely. With both points (the Mint and the commemoration in general). It’s unfortunate that the commemoration was over-the-top nationalistic and used as a prop to shore up support for Conservatives. If another party were in power, the tone of the campaign may have changed from a transparant “yay war” campaign to more of a rememberance/history campaign, but the money would have been budgeted and spent. And rightfully so, IMO. It was a pivotal point in Canada’s colonial history, and we are at the 200th anniversary.