The war on crime is now a fight about federalism


Quebec’s justice minister takes a stand, a Bloc MP goes even further.

Quebec will not absorb the additional costs associated with the crime bill the Conservative federal government has promised to pass within 100 sitting days of Parliament, the province’s justice minister told a Commons committee Tuesday … While Fournier didn’t go quite so far, Bloc Quebecois MP Maria Mourani later suggested Quebec may simply choose not to enforce the legislation.


The war on crime is now a fight about federalism

  1. Woah.. is she suggesting they use the notwithstanding clause on a crime bill?  I have to admit, I didn’t see that one coming.

    • I am not a lawyer but I don’t see how  Quebec could use the nothwithstanding clause on a law that is not adopted in the national assembly.  I would imagine they would not prosecute for some of the instances, say possession of marijuana.

    • I think Lorainne’s right.  What she means is, if the feds are going to require a mandatory minimum sentence of nine months in jail for some kid who grows a single marijuana plant in his rented apartment and then shares a joint with his roommate, then Quebec’s leaders will tell Quebec police to conveniently not notice single pot plants in people’s apartments, and and also tell prosecutors not to prosecute that “crime”.

      Ironically, I think prosecutors are going to start prosecuting certain offenses much less frequently now, because they’ll know that “if I prosecute this poor schmuck for X, he’s going to get slapped with an idiotic mandatory minimum”.  In some ways, all the Tories are doing is taking sentencing discretion away from judges and forcing prosecutors to use more discretion in choosing whom to charge, and with what offenses.

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