The West Block


Tom Clark, Alison Loat and I talk about Samara’s latest report and the state of Parliament.


The West Block

  1. Parliaments becoming irrelevant is logical conclusion of decades of technocratic rule by small coterie of supposedly smart white people who have been assisted by even more white people in media. Our pols and bureaucrats are university educated people who never make mistakes and only make correct decisions for us collectively. Why bother with Parliaments at all when all our parties are dominated by technocrats who can’t debate for toffee but are convinced of their own virtuousness.

    Also, salaries and benefits are way to generous, much more generous than MPs rightly deserve. MP’s salary/benefits/pension is like winning lottery for most of our MPs – how many MPs actually take a pay cut when they first enter Parliament? – and they will do anything to not jeopardize their winning tickets. Being a lickspittle is easy to justify when the financial rewards are great.

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