The year in Justin Trudeau's socks -

The year in Justin Trudeau’s socks

Match the prime minister’s weighty words to his whimsical footwear


Prime Minister wasn’t the only one in fancy footwear at this recent meeting with another Canadian leader. (Darryl Dyck/CP)

What do you get the man who has everything—a country to run, a billionaire friend with an island to vacation on, and the cover of numerous international magazines? Socks, it turns out.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s penchant for patterned and quirky footwear has made him an easy name to cross of the holiday gift lists of world leaders. Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar welcomed him to Dublin in July with a pair of green foot-protectors, and he got a set adorned with the faces of Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest when he appeared on their show the month before.

Trudeau’s socks have been the object of both emulation and scorn since he took office. Opposition MPs have referenced them 10 times in the House of Commons, with Conservative Tom Kmiec satirically suggesting the appointment of a “minister for sock selection” in a debate over cabinet salaries and composition. Trudeau’s willingness to subvert the drab, grey stereotype of male political fashion has inspired other leaders to follow suit (those remain drab and grey for the most part, unfortunately). Varadkar wore Mounties and maple leafs to that July meeting, while British Columbia premier John Horgan recently pulled on some planets and stars for his sit down with the prime minister.

Socks have become a stand-in for personality in the modern male professional’s dress code. Gone are the greys and whites that filled your father’s brogues and oxfords, to be replaced with a range of patterns and colours out of a designer’s wildest trip. The Prime Minister is simply a dresser of his age.

Trudeau of course has a very serious job, so on some days when his footwear are whimsical, his words are weighty. (On truly solemn occasions, he does leave the silly socks at home). Try to match the prime minister’s quotes from key meetings and appearances this year with the socks he was wearing at the time.


The year in Justin Trudeau’s socks

  1. Lately you’ve been switching from fluff columns to university items.

    Are you changing over to a university magazine?

    • Hasn’t the annual University ‘ranking’ been Maclean’s equivalent of the SI bathing suit edition?

  2. OMG McLeans… Everything that’s going on right now and this is what you see as newsworthy?

  3. Pretty disgusting with all the Trudeau/LPC scandals and missteps currently happening that this is what MacLeans finds fit to publish. It has never been a question that MacLeans is a heavily left leaning Liberal apologist group but this is going pretty far. MacLeans continues to have ZERO credibility in terms of reporting on the political arena and they don’t even care. As long as the sheep get their feed, let’s just roll on.

    • “Missteps” taken in flashy socks don’t seem all that bad, what?

      If MacLeans is so left-leaning why read it? It can’t be doing your acid reflux or gall bladder any good.

  4. Justin Trudeau was just found to have broken Canada’s anti-bribery law four times. His Finance Minister STILL under investigation, his Minister of Status of Women still has questions to answer about the legality of her citizenship and her comments ” she was “fascinated” by Sharia law – the Islamic religious code that subjugates women and often permits marital abuse and rape”, his MP Iqra Khalid and her ties to terrorist groups. and THIS is what Maclean’s comes up with?? SOCKS???

    • Why not? The other stuff is about investigations which, in Canada, aren’t quite up to American ‘snuff’. Ours are akin to watching ice melt, try writing a ‘rabble-rouser’ about that. I’m pretty sure than Maclean’s will be letting us know what happens next – which probably won’t involve the use of any ‘beheadment sword’.

  5. I agree with all of the above comments. Another total misfire by MacLean’s.

  6. Those socks cause real, blue-blooded Canucks to lose their lunch, or ‘dry heave’ themselves into a stupor. The brown shoes thing? Not so much as all the classy guys are wearing them, even the top-drawer Tories.

    Heavens forfend the day he reverts to argylls, or plain all wool hosiery in colors matched to ‘statesmanlike’ suits.