‘These guys have no shame’


In an email to the Post’s Jonathan Kay, a Conservative senator blames the Liberal side.

According to this veteran Conservative Senator, Fairbairn’s saga has been going on at least since 2009. Since then, he says, “we [Senators] have been quietly asked not to challenge Joyce in Committee or the Chamber, because she wasn’t well. This game of being ‘nice’ has been going on for too long.”

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‘These guys have no shame’

  1. Well if there’s a time limit on ‘being nice’…..Cons may regret announcing it.

    • The Cons are in no danger of violating any agreement on “being nice”. With Harper as team captain, they never started playing.

      • True…..but they’ve never picked on a person with a problem before.

        And kept picking on them, when there was no need.

  2. Cons aren’t “nice” to oppo very often, so excuse me if I have a hard time believing it. On the other hand, if it’s true, then I guess ALL the senators who helped cover up her illness are complicit in this, aren’t they? No I’m pretty sure the cons would have found a way to leak this.

    • Heck, after Chris Alexander’s little performance last week, we know how flexible CPC timelines can be!

  3. There was no need to challenge Fairbarn herself. However, somebody needed to be challenged about her participation.

  4. Of course, he insists on anonymity, like most Cons.

    • Personally, I thought the title was referring to Jonathan Kay, for being willing to allow these anonymous accusations.. assuming of course he didn’t just make them up wholesale.

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