This afternoon in Guergis -

This afternoon in Guergis


Mr. Jaffer’s business partner says he and Mr. Jaffer are ready to appear before a parliamentary committee and they’re thinking of taking legal action against Michael Ignatieff. Though having recently sought those committee proceedings, the NDP decides it would rather not proceed.


This afternoon in Guergis

  1. Pat Martin claims that he is worried about jeopardizing a possible RCMP investigation, but I can't help but wonder if he has other motives for this sudden 180 degree turn. Did the NDP finally realize that the Jafferwocky sideshow has jumped the shark?

    • Isn't the strip club, Club Paradise, in Jack Layton or Olivia Chow's riding i.e. the "busty hookers" could be their constituents?

    • You mean at least twice daily updates from Wherry and Co. have been for naught? Say it ain't so, Joe! Say it ain't so.

  2. Mind you, simply by attending, Rahim Jaffer would illustrate that he has more respect for Parliament than any of his former colleagues.

    • Comment of the day.

      • Really? lol. I sometimes think that a lot of you need to simply step back and take a deep breath.

  3. "…and they're thinking of taking legal action against Michael Ignatieff."

    Man, that blow must be primo stuff.

  4. Jaffer must not be able to believe his good fortune. First the OPP screw up his arrest, so he can walk with a small fine on the DUI/cocaine charges, and now the Liberals are offering him the opportunity to put any and all incriminating evidence on lobbying out of the reach of the RCMP by testifying before a Commons committee.