‘This is a sad commentary on Parliament’


A Parliamentary investigation into the listeriosis outbreak goes nowhere.


‘This is a sad commentary on Parliament’

  1. This is SO good for the processed meat industry — who in their right mind will buy the stuff knowing it won’t be properly inspected, and having heard the results of the recent National Cancer Institute study connecting processed meat with earlier death?

    I want to be the first to congratulate the Conservative Party for destroying the processed meat industry in Canada.

  2. Of course it went nowhere. The Conservatives have no intention of allowing anything to come up that might hurt them in the public’s eyes.

  3. Let them eat spam, i say!

    Sub-committee – wonder if they got a chuckle over that?

    How many died again!

    • I believe it was 21 deaths and scores more made ill, some quite severely, with lasting consequences.

      That’s 21 real dead people and one fake investigation.

      It boggles the mind how politically conservative Canadians can continue to support these pricks.

  4. I wonder if any of David Anderson’s constituents got sick?

    And I am sad that I am going to those lengths to try to figure out why he would risk political fallout for such embarrasing activity.

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