‘This is the line in the sand’


NDP MP Charlie Angus returns to Attawapiskat, with interim leader Nycole Turmel in tow.


‘This is the line in the sand’

  1. We can’t be a whole country until we confront the obligation to First Nations people whether they live on reserves or in urban areas. And to do that we need to look at both sides of the ledger, to count the benefits that continue to accrue to Canada from the treaties, and adequately resource the fulfillment of same.

    • Confronting the obligation….I think the problem is no one is sure how to “fix’ the problems in 100 reservations.  Why are 500 out of 600 reservations doing okay but 100 not doing okay and how do you change that.  The government has offered to move one isolated reservation in Northern Ontario but the band does not want to move.  There are huge issues with suicide and substance abuse and the government does send people south for treatment but the problems continue.
      Despite what some people have said, not all First Nations people living off the reserve are living in squalor.  In BC and Alberta, 50% of First Nations people do not live on reserves.   The University of Alberta has designated spots in every program for First Nations students.
      I think Shawn Atleo is right.  It is not the time for pointing fingers but for solving the immediate problems and then moving toward real solutions.

  2. God. Damned. Disgrace.

    • Oh, this is going to be good…

      Who or what is the ‘Disgrace’ Emily?

      • ???

        It’s a disgrace to a wealthy advanced 21st century country like Canada to have people living in Third World conditions.

        • Then it is your disgrace. What are you going to do to fix it?
          Give a man a fish………..

          • I’m not in elected office. Speak to those who are.

        • We gave them houses; they destroyed them.
          We gave them wealth; they burned it.
          We gave them jobs; they ignored it.
          We gave them culture; they degraded it.
          We gave them status; they abused it.

          I guess the real disgrace is that we also gave them freedom, without them earning it.

          • I don’t recall us ever giving them houses or wealth or jobs or status…unless ‘wagon-burner’ is considered a status these days.

            And they had a culture, and freedom that we took away.

            What rock did you crawl out from under?

          • Unlike you I don’t have to watch the news or read wikipedia to know about Natives. I live with them, I built their houses paid by the government, I refurbished their community center, I fixed their emergency communications, I fed and sheltered them when they were flooded out of their homes. I am a Northern Ontario Resident and I have to deal with them every day while you only get to talk about them.

            Your patronizing attitude is the real disgrace.

          • @Indie_light:disqus 

            Pssst…c’mere.  Lemme tell you a little secret about your ‘neighbours’.

            There are no ‘races’….just the human one

            We all have the same DNA

            We all have the same intelligence levels

            And we all came from Africa

            PS….and they need to boot your ignorant ass out of there…while wearing pointed cowboy boots.

          • @OriginalEmily1:disqus 

            You must live a very lonely life to use such crap to goad people into paying attention.

          • @google-7764e89375197a56fc2c368410de3204:disqus 

            Ahh well see, my friends don’t wear sheets and hoods.

  3. What will it take for the stupid people who still work at Macleans to kick that sorry old wrinkled a$$ who calls herself Emily off this board?

    Maybe they keep her here to shut the lights out when everyone is gone.

    • Oh….you like hoods eh?

      Well most people don’t.

    • Final phase of a losing position – demand someone’s removal from the board. 

    • I wish they had an “Unlike” button. Consider this my “Unlike” spintre.

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