This is the week that was -

This is the week that was


Bev Oda enjoyed an expensive glass of orange juice. She paid for it. She apologized for it. But the opposition was unsatisfied, so she paid for the limo too.

The budget bill was, once again, a behemoth. It was duly unpacked and lamented. Having changed its mind on Afghanistan before, the Harper government seemed to suggest it might change its mind again. So once again it was time to parse the Prime Minister. In response, Mr. Harper invoked Hitler. Which reminded us of some other history. The F-35 math got even fuzzier, the Parliamentary Budget Officer sought clarity, Bob Rae recalled the “contract,” an air force colonel questioned the purchase and the auditor general explained his concerns.

Thomas Mulcair enjoyed a honeymoon. Bruce Hyer went indie. Denis Coderre and Michael Ignatieff worried about national unity. Ekos studied voter suppression. The Conservatives targeted Nathan Cullen. Pierre-Luc Dusseault was elected chair of the ethics committee. Peggy Nash sought answers on Old Age Security. Kevin Page called on Parliament to do its job. Elizabeth May asked the Prime Minister about communism. The House debated a debate about abortion and Gordon O’Connor took a stand.

I talked to Bruce Hyer. Stephane Dion proposed preferential voting. Brian Topp looked to Francois Hollande. Jeff Jedras called for the whip. And Armando Iannucci pitied the politician.


This is the week that was

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    • I don’t have the patience for the way it is now.

      • No, it’s damned exasperating….and it changes from day to day so it’s always a guessing game.

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