This is the week that was -

This is the week that was

Aaron Wherry sums up seven days in five paragraphs and 39 links


The Conservatives took their carbon tax attack to radio, while government backbenchers spread the gospel. John Baird erred in suggesting India didn’t support a carbon tax as the Prime Minister continued his tour of the world’s carbon pricers. Frontline looked at the demise of cap-and-trade in the United States. But a carbon tax discussion picked up momentum in the wake of Barack Obama’s re-election.

Irwin Cotler saw problems beneath Blake Richards’ mask bill. Brent Rathgeber explained his objections to the transgender rights bill. James Bezan’s objections to the Nexen takeover were revealed and acknowledged. John Williamson invoked Guy Fawkes. Peter Penashue promised to explain himself, while his ministerial purpose was questioned. Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper congratulated Barack Obama. Sana Hassainia proposed expanding EI for parents of twins and triplets. Mr. Harper addressed the World Economic Forum and considered democracy in the United States and India. Brian Masse questioned pro sports leagues’ objections to the sports betting bill, while the Senate seemed poised to intervene. Diane Finley pitched social finance. Vic Toews wondered why the NDP didn’t support a bill on war memorials. And Russ Hiebert’s bill on union disclosure was subjected to scrutiny.

A fund created to cover the funeral costs of veterans was criticized. One of the Harper government’s favourite rallying cries was undermined. The NDP accused the Conservatives of raising taxes. The Parliamentary Budget Officer tried to explain the government’s budget cuts. The New Democrats objected to how little time was being allowed for study of the latest budget bill. The Harper government committed another $4 million to advertising itself. And Elections Canada considered the fight against election fraud.

Mark Kingwell talked about civility. Michael Ignatieff worried about Parliament. Kady O’Malley looked at the fall’s private members’ bills. And Greg Fingas worried about the Senate.

We launched the Interactive Commons. And this week had four sketches.