‘This is totally unacceptable’


The NDP turns up new emails related to the G8 Legacy Fund.

On June 22, Infrastructure Canada official Naomi Hirshberg emailed Huntsville officials to inform them that the cheques would be delayed six to eight weeks so that Carol Beal, an assistant deputy minister, could look into the payments. “The ADM of program operations has asked that Infrastructure Canada withhold all claims for review,” she wrote.

Huntsville Mayor Claude Doughty forwarded the email to Clement. “This is totally unacceptable,” he wrote. “I am sure you agree.”

Clement responded: “I agree. I’m working on it.”


‘This is totally unacceptable’

  1. Clement is malevolent goblin who will get a cock-punch from me if we ever happen to cross paths. 

    • If you`re serious, I would be willing to start up a fund to help that happen.

  2. Not even diehard Conservative partisans can defend this cowflop. 
    Clement has zero credibility

    • Yet he remains not only in caucus, but in cabinet.

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