This just in: nothing has changed


At least since the Defence Minister and Prime Minister’s press secretary mused last October about some amount of soldiers remaining in Afghanistan, the government has been fairly steadfast in its stance that no soldiers will remain in Afghanistan after 2011.

Asked about the matter, a few days after his press secretary’s comments, the Prime Minister promised a “civilian, development, humanitarian mission.” In January, he said “we will not be undertaking any activities that require any kind of military presence, other than the odd guard guarding an embassy.” Last week, in regards to the military mission, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said “in 2011, we will no longer be there.”

Last night’s reaction to Ms. Clinton’s remarks and this morning’s official response should perhaps not come then as any surprise.


This just in: nothing has changed

  1. Does anyone believe it?

  2. Harper is a control freak. Afghanistan is an uncontrollable situation. The Americans only act in the interests of the United States. Karzai is a corlrupt dctator to be. And Pakistan is an unsolvable problem. Add to that, that the majority of Canadians don't support prolonging a hopeless case mission.

    That, plus the military needs a rest.

    I believe it. Afghanistan is a no-win scenario, and Harper is not Captain Kirk. Harper will find a challenging UN mission in Africa for the Canadian military can lead and be its own boss, and have more reliable partners than the United States and Karzai, and which the Canadian people and opposition parties will support.

    Harper will go for the win-win scenario. The stupid war in Afghanistan that the Liberals got us into because Chretien and Martin were scared of offending the United States will be over.

  3. I think there will be troops left there in 2011, but I think Harper's trying to make it clear that the COMBAT part of the mission is over for Canada. Probably will be in Kabul instead of Kandahar, which will be a good thing for our military.

  4. Instead of risking the lives of our soldiers in these futile efforts, can we bring back our focus on what we did best – peacekeeping?

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