This week contains multitudes -

This week contains multitudes


Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, MondayI encourage all Canadians during this Citizenship Week to take some time to learn about Canada’s history, symbols and institutions, reflect on the great gift of being Canadian that has been passed to us, and as the Oath of Citizenship instructs, commit to faithfully observe the laws of Canada and fulfill our duties as Canadian citizens.

Liberal MP Mauril Belanger, MondayMr. Speaker, this week is Co-op Week in Canada, a moment to highlight the 9,000-plus co-ops that make life more pleasant for millions of us.

Conservative MP Ron Cannan, TuesdayMr. Speaker, this is National Science and Technology Week.

Conservative MP Phil McColeman, TuesdayMr. Speaker, our Conservative government is proud to stand with Canada’s great small businesses during Small Business Week.


This week contains multitudes

  1. Note to new citizens – names of cherished institutions may change at the whim of cabinet ministers.

  2. And the only one we should be promoting the hell out of is National Science and Technology Week….so naturally we have it announced by an evangelical

    • Yes, those evangelicals are contemptible, aren’t they Emily? They should be made to wear yellow crosses, or some such prominent identifying marker, in public, and should be prevented from holding certain public offices.

      • Pretty low yourself OB.

        • Pretty low of Emily to suggest that Christians are somehow unfit to hold certain public offices or jobs.

          • Gosh, people say that about Muslims on here all the time, Bean….you think Evanjellyrolls are better? Sounds racist to me.

          • That too, if it’s what she meant.

  3. Nice use of Whitman poem if that’s what u doing, Wherry.

    Song of Myself

    Do I contradict myself?
    Very well then I contradict myself,
    (I am large, I contain multitudes.)

  4. I don’t understand. There was ample opportunity there for a reference to a job killing carbon tax.

  5. it’s an omnibus week.