This week has three sketches


Monday. If you don’t support Peter MacKay, you don’t support the troops
Tuesday. Looking on the bright side of global warming
Wednesday. All those in favour of cutting taxes, say ‘yea’


This week has three sketches

  1. Am I only non-service industry Canadian working today? I don’t get Canadian Thanksgiving, I work for American consulting firm, had turkey yesterday but no holiday until next month.

    Wherry – I know this isn’t your fault but I wonder why Canadian msm and pols have stopped reporting in similar ways Daily Mail journo does. How come we never get ‘what PM/Cabinet is thinking’  type columns? 

    It is amazing how parochial and secretive our politics are, msm only reports official statements and rarely, if ever, writes articles that focus on non-propaganda from government sources. Solely focusing on what occurs in House of Commons is not path to enlightenment because QP is little more than kabuki theatre. 

    Happy Thanksgiving. 

    James Forsythe ~ Oct 9 2011:Right across Whitehall, fears are growing that the fall-out from the eurozone crisis could dwarf all that the Coalition and the Bank of England are doing to get growth going again.   To the Government’s growing irritation, the eurozone is proving incapable of dealing with its problems. One No 10 aide asks exasperatedly: ‘Where’s the leadership to sort this out? They are just being buffeted by events.’

    Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, is a particular source of frustration. The British Government believes that the French urgently need to inject money into three of their banks if another set of bank collapses is to be avoided. 

    But Sarkozy doesn’t want to do this before the French presidential elections next year, fearing that another bank bailout would doom his presidency. When I asked one close Cameron ally if Sarkozy’s stance will result in another financial crisis, he replied: ‘Unless the French change course, yes.’ Another No 10 source puts it more bluntly: ‘Sarkozy needs to pull his finger out.’

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