This year’s fear


With Jack Layton having recently surpassed Michael Ignatieff as the greatest threat to everything you hold dear, Stephen Harper has adjusted his concern. Chief among his worries: the NDP’s stated intention of pursuing a cap-and-trade system.

Demanding that we bring in cap-and-trade schemes that generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue. That’s the carbon tax. I do not do these things, even though I am a minority, because I know they will wreak enormous havoc on the Canadian economy. So, look, I will work with people and will make compromises. But we’re not going to make compromises on things we actually think will hurt the country.

During the 2008 election, a carbon tax was, of course, what Mr. Harper said would “screw everybody.” Cap-and-trade was, of course, what Mr. Harper proposed shortly thereafter and what the government’s own website still describes as an option.


This year’s fear

  1. It's only a good idea when it's Harper's idea.

    • Actually, it's only a good idea until your bluff is called and someone threatens to actually implement it.

  2. First possibility- the Prime Minister completely changed his mind on cap-and-trade however failed to mention it at anytime in the past two years.

    Second possibility- The Prime Minister is completely and utterly without shame. He has become fully assimilated to Ottawa- he stands for one thing only- reelection.

    • Typical sun-fried American response to a nuanced CANADIAN issue. There are technical differences between Layton's and Harper's tax and trade that make them very different. Layton's plan would require companies to CHANGE THEIR BEHAVIOUR! The net result would be a VISIBLE change in carbon emmisions.

      Harper's plan on the other hand had the virtue of being completely transparent. No company would every see it. No changes would be necessary. Life would go on, as if nothing was being done. It would be like it was invisible, except some signs would be put up and some brochures sent out.

      Harper is the only Canadian politician would truly understands transparency. Apparently even the hockey book that he has written is transparent. (according to those who have not been able to see any sign of it.)

      • Can't





        27 degrees

        quick jump



        • I hope you get sun-burnt.

        • Don't


          You $%^&*

          It's still well below zero here

          No offense intended SDD:)

  3. Saw the latest attack-Jack ad (it seemed like they just changed the name from Iggy to Jack, cheapos) and now this bit of nonsense. I literally LOLed and think others might be laughing too.

    Stevie should change his name to Doris, don't ya think?

    • I had the same thought listening to an apocalyptic deadly serious diatribe against Layton. People are soon going to start laughing at this guy; it's so fabricated and transparent, so teleprompter. He's lost any tiny sliver of sincerity he ever possessed, if indeed he ever did.

  4. Aaron misleading again: From the government's climate change website "cap and trade as an “option” (though one that will “only” be implemented if the United States does likewise)."

    Big difference if we go it alone.

    • No, that's not what they said in 2009, just over a year ago:

      "The Harper Government is working in collaboration with the provinces and territories to develop a cap and trade system that will ultimately be aligned with the emerging cap and trade program in the United States."

      • "…will ultimately be aligned with the emerging cap and trade program in the United States"

        Noob, I think it says exactly what Leo is implying.

        • ultimately be aligned != only be implemented if

          The first is, it's gonna happen, and we'll make it work with theirs.
          The second is, it might not happen, unless they do.

        • Leo was implying that cap and trade is just one of many options the Harper government was examining, when his own press release indicates that it's pretty much the only wagon they've been hitched to. Harper isn't out there saying that Layton's implementing Cap and Trade too early, he's out there saying that the concept is faulty and damaging to the country.

          But I suppose I could be wrong again. Does anyone have a campaign quote from the past couple of days that has Harper saying "We recognize the benefits of Cap and Trade, and have been pursuing it ourselves, but implementing it without the participation of the USA would be damaging to Canada."

          If he's not saying this, then he's being disingenuous, at the very least.

          • This is John Baird, not the PM, and it's from two weeks ago, not the past couple of days; but Baird does generally speak for the PM on issues that require answering questions, and I think his remarks still reflect current Conservative "policy" until we're told otherwise:

          • Thanks for the link, McC, that's exactly what I was looking for. It's not as neat as the quote I created, but I guess it'll have to do. :)

          • you bet

      • Thx for the link Noob – I know we are discussing Harper's fear tactics here and the amount of BS. I would point out that there is a big difference between "developing" and "implementing".

        The big oil sands companies are already factoring this in, i.e. Suncor, TransAlta setting up wind turbines, etc. – should have a Peter-Paul effect to their bottom line.

        • True enough, Leo, and I hope I'm not adding too much to the BS. I would just respect the CPC a lot more if they told us "why" they make decisions, instead of just pretending they didn't make them. I completely accept the explanation as you've provided it; it's a perfectly rational response. So why don't they simply say that? Why pretend that they never agreed with it in the first place?

          • Hmmm…McCs link is a good example of how iffy this topic is. "Is this just the reality of being the mouse to the American elephant, that we don't get much say in our common direction?"

            JMHO but that is the gist of it until we have more than the U.S. as our market for oil and gas. To admit that would not make anyone happy, thus the spin.

  5. BC brought in a full-fledged carbon tax and it didn't wreck the economy. The NDP are only proposing a partial cap-and-trade system that would apply to industrial emissions but not to oil and gas, which is unlikely to have an impact of any significance on the economy.

    I'd prefer a carbon tax, actually, seeing how well-designed the BC one was.

  6. There's always something we're supposed to be afraid of, says the Harper govt.

  7. This blog post is utterly boring compared to the pretzel the Harperfans will make of themselves in defense of this double-standard.

  8. Politicians don't seem to get that fear is a bad campaign strategy. The Liberals lost the 2006 election because people were tired of their fear-mongering. Layton is surging because he is the only one running a really positive campaign (I'll give Iggy points for trying). And what is the Tory and BQ response? More fear. 'OMG the NDP will destroy the economy' will work as well as 'soldiers. with guns. in the streets.' The reality of this campaign has changed and Team Harper think they can win it with the same strategy they've been using since Day 1.

    • Fear works well in the USA. Possibly because of 9/11 and that they've been so screwed over by the GOP that everything looks fearsome. The lower education levels probably also contribute. So, when Deceiven' Stephen's Republican advisors promote the "fear works" option, the CRAP jump in with both feet. They probably should have done some research.

  9. Harper's positioning himself for post-election membership on O&G corporate boards.

  10. The con cndidate Sandy Lee was fearmongering along the same lines in our AC's debate last night. $21 billion blah blah blah.
    O f course it might resonate in the north where eveything is so damn expensive and alternatives like say to diesel generators are not to be found easily. No mention of course that C&T is in the Harper little blue book.
    She also spent most of her time attacking incumbent Bevington…i had the feeling that went over like a lead brick too.

    *Aaron if you're interested there is a ruckus up here over the feds changing the food mail programme. They appear to completely f'ked it up. Lots of unhappy campers.

    • They dropped the air subsidies, yes? I caught a short bit on this on the BBC a few weeks past, but no follow-up.

  11. Our local Conservative candidate's (Marty Burke) literature features Michael, Jack and Gilles together against a red background. The interesting thing is that they all have at least one hand in the air.
    Stephen Harper stands alone against a blue background, his arms blended into the black mass that is his suit jacket.

    My Conclusion(s):

    Hand(s) in the air is a sign of weakness, indecision, reckless behaviour and quite possibly unmanly femininity. Perhaps it denotes a lack of intestinal fortitude, and likely, a tendency to surrender.

    I would also note that Mr Harper is sporting his glasses, and a rare smile. This tends to on one hand soften his image, but on the other hand, it does remind one of Stephane Dion.

    I'm not quite sure what this all means, but Marty Burke appears only in a head shot, which occupies 1/8 of the available flyer space, and lists no accomplishments, personal qualifications, comments or …… anything of any value.

  12. What I'm worried about is that Stephen Harper appears to be the anti-Christ, as evidenced by this bizarre string of occurrences on the campaign trail (described by Tim Harper of The Toronto Star):

    Harper's final campaign week has been a logistical nightmare.

    The man who preaches stability has encountered turmoil everywhere.

    Tuesday night, fog of epic proportions forced his flight to be diverted from Kitchener to Toronto.

    Wednesday, apocalyptic thunder storms descended on Waterloo as he left a local manufacturing plant.

    Thursday, winds of biblical force buffeted his bus as he departed Niagara Falls, then a fire broke out across the street from the hotel at which he had just spoken.

    Reporters following Harper to a winery tour were involved in a minor car accident and trees were uprooted along the road.

    • "Friday, Harper's home riding was attacked by a plague of locusts."

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    The economy is basically sound. — Government of Bush

    We need to maintain a stable economy — Government of Harper.