Thomas Mulcair vs. Peter Mansbridge -

Thomas Mulcair vs. Peter Mansbridge

The NDP leader talks about the oil sands, Quebec and the Senate


The NDP leader talks to the CBC host about the oil sands, the Senate, Quebec secession, the Liberals and his beard.

Colin Horgan thinks Mr. Mulcair needs to define himself.

Where the Conservatives and Stephen Harper have “jobs, growth and the economy,” and Layton had a “better lives for working class families,” theme, Mulcair has yet to successfully link his policy positions with his own personal brand. The emptiness begs to be filled, and all that talk of building better lives for middle class Canadian families wafting over recently from a front-running Liberal camp should not only be very familiar to Mulcair, but also potentially quite dangerous.


Thomas Mulcair vs. Peter Mansbridge

  1. when is tom(gonna run on opening the constitution in 2015)(what a bonehead) going to disclose his full financial documents to the public like JT did ? i would like to see harpers(has very poor judgement for hiring) financial statements as well(like trying to get into fort knox).its time to get all the dirty laundry out before 2015 and reporters should be doing there job(like michael harris) to make sure everything passes the smell test.

    • Mulcair would never do it, he might have to reveal why he’s mortgaged his house 9 times then.

  2. I think Mulcair would be delighted if a member of Canada’s 1% took power of Libs and then started bemoaning the difficult lives that middle classes supposedly lead. Socialism and middle classes are closely linked and Canada has never voted for a proper socialist party. I would like to see causation/correlation numbers of NDP/Layton talking about working class families and seeing their vote totals increase. NDP are trying to move away from socialist leanings, surely they would be happy with Trudeau turning Libs into party that is more socialist than the socialists.

    When people pay taxes, they think of orphans, or old ladies eating cat food because they are poor, or teenagers with no hope sniffing glue. People pay taxes, support government, to help those people. Very few of us pay taxes in order to help the middle classes do better than they already are. Trudeau is part of Canada’s 1%, I am sure both Cons and NDP would like JT up there on stage talking about how hard it is for people earning $57,000 a year and how they need government support.

  3. Mulcair should try coming up with an ironic slogan, like Harper…

  4. I thought Mansbridge was more aggressive and confrontational with Mulcair than he ever is with Harper, for whom he takes on an obsequious tone of a respectful younger brother.

    • I recall in the interviews all the way back in 2006 “You said recently the civil service like judges would keep a conservative government in check because of their leanings. Now I’m not going to ask for a specific example…” and I was all like WHAT!!?? ASK FOR AN EXAMPLE.

    • Of course he is. The PM tightly controls who gets to ask him what. You think Mansbridge is going to jeapordize CTV’s access to the PM by asking him something that might be embarrassing?

      On the other hand, Mansbridge knows that Mulcair needs CTV more than the reverse right now.