Threats at home and abroad


CBC has posted Peter Mansbridge’s complete interview with the Prime Minister. In addition to his concerns about “certain people in the United States” who “would like to see Canada be one giant national park,” Mr. Harper is also worried about Iran.

Military action has been discussed, Mr. Harper added. “President [Barack] Obama’s said all options are on the table and I can certainly tell you that, when we talk about these issues, we talk about the full range of questions around these issues.

“But there is certainly no consensus on, you know, ultimately how to deal with this matter.” Canada’s position on dealing with Iran is that allies should work together, Mr. Harper said. “I’ve raised the alarm as much as I can, but obviously I don’t advocate particular actions publicly. I work with our allies to see if we get consensus on actions,” he said.


Threats at home and abroad

  1. We have to pay for our grandparents’ decision to reinstall the Shah of Iran.  What will our grandchildren pay for?

  2. Obviously Steve, obviously.

  3. John McCain ~ bomb bomb bomb Iran

    For the past 2-3 years it seems like an Iranian nuclear scientist mysteriously blows up every 6 months or so. Nuclear science is dangerous profession in Iran, likely end up as splatter on road. I look forward to reading, sometime in future, about what West has done to frustrate mad mullahs and try to stop them from developing nuclear bomb. 

    I think havoc Iran can do to world supply of oil protects them somewhat from full furry of West. Iran can cause enormous headaches to Western leaders, and populations, if they feel like it. 

  4. He’s a master at communicating with his base on a different frequency – afraid he’s not taking a hard enough line on Iran publicly? Don’t worry, he’s advocating ‘a full range’ of ‘particular actions’ privately.

    The internationalist nationalist, the consensus building warmonger, the frugal spendthrift, the democratic dictator. He will always try to have it both ways.  

    • Obviously, he’s “bi.”

      • I don`t know what that means.

        • He goes “both ways.”

          • I don`t know what that means.

      • LOL Or two-faced, or has a forked tongue, or any other number of things.

        He promotes a strong economy while doing any number of things to tear it apart….promotes trade but protects certain voters….says there will be no Socon agenda, but quietly lets MPs push for it, claims he’ll cut the civil service, while hiring more….etc

      • Does that make his base bi-curious?

  5. “Raised the alarm as much as I can”

    Based on what evidence, Stephen? Canada has intelligence assets in Iran? Canada? Even George W. Bush at least pretended to have evidence about Saddam.

  6. Harper is scared of a lot of things.

    However we shouldn’t be basing our foreign policy on Steve’s fears.

  7. I am intrigued by our Minister of Defence’s new bride on this issue.

    While Ms. Afshin-Jam is surely no friend of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs I highly doubt she would want to see her family, friends and relatives attacked from abroad – even if it were held up as some attempt to “liberate” the country.

    How might this play out in debates on a future course of action around the cabinet table?

    • Here I thought you were going to share some of Ms. Afshin-Jam’s thoughts on the matter.  I’m not sure I learned much about her opinion from reading your opinion about what you assume she must surely believe.

      • Really LKO?

        We are both anonymous commenters on a blog.  How much factual, inside knowledge are hoping to get beyond our own surmisings?

        • Well, when you said you were intrigued by MacKay’s new bride on this issue I just assumed that you were about to tell me something that you had learned about MacKay’s new bride’s position on this issue.  As in, perhaps she’s spoken on the matter before (she is a public figure in her own right after all).

          I don’t think my expectation was crazy.

          I just didn’t expect your post to amount to “I know where Nazanin Afshin-Jam was born, therefore I’m pretty sure I know what she thinks”.

          • Well, given what one can see here, http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Nazanin+Afshin-Jam&id=E26C5F9DDF36B0A525451A1CE868E57A8E3FFF24&FORM=IQFRBA and her founding of this, http://www.stopchildexecutions.com/, plus the fact that her family left Iran during the early years of the Revolution, it would lead me to believe that she is no fan of the Mullahs.

            She apparently speaks Farsi and Stop Child Executions was founded to stop the execution of of a young Iranian woman.

            Soooo, I think I can make a somewhat educated surmising from that.

          • Yeah, that part I don’t doubt. It’s the whole idea that she’d object to attacks on the Mullah’s nuclear weapons program that I’m not 100% convinced of (though, that could be true too).

            ETA: That being said, I concede that if Prime Minister Harper and President Obama have been secretly discussing plans to bomb Nazanin Afshin-Jam’s friends and relatives, she’d probably object to that.

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