Three hours to go -

Three hours to go


Michael Ignatieff is, at this moment, tabling the Liberal motion of non-confidence.

The House will debate the motion until 11am. After members’ statements and Question Period, debate will resume shortly after noon. The vote will be called shortly after 1pm and a vote will occur around 1:30pm. By 2pm (or so), the Harper government should be defeated.


Three hours to go

  1. Maybe, maybe not.

  2. It is important that the defeat be a non-confidence about the behaviour of the CPC, not a budget or bill issue. If the Harper CPC should be re-elected with a plurality, this non-confidence clearly, well, to me at least, carries to the next parliament.

  3. getting cold feet?


  4. nice to see you live in your own alternate reality.

  5. ???? I'm not running for election, and personally I think a tinier minority for Harper would be an ideal outcome.

    I was referring to the fact that the NDP is still an unknown quantity.

  6. What I'm hearing, just now as I'm listening to the House, is a BQ MP whining about money for a Quebec City arena.

    And so forth…….

  7. what? you want Harper to remain PM? why do you spend your days b1tching about him on these boards then?

    the NDP is an unknown quantity (are they insane, or merely very high?), but they cant back down now.

  8. dougrogers has a point, though. If the opposition parties agree to hold the government in contempt, and the elections are held on the issue of ethics and the Liberals are held no higher than the Conservatives, then that issue has been settled.

    We all know that the sponsor ship scandal cannot be compared to anything. The Liberal can do some history revision, but the Canadian voter isn't quite that dumb. Let the Liberals run it on ethics, and let's see where the chips may fall.

    My bet is the Bev Oda will be re-elected. She may not become a minister in the next government, but she will regain her seat.

  9. If after 4 elections in 7 years, Harper gets another minority, an even smaller one…..he'll leave. Either voluntarily, or with a push.

    Ignatieff will have had his chance at an election, and a leadership review is mandatory after that…so he'll leave. Either voluntarily or with a push.

    Layton isn't in good shape right now, and a campaign isn't going to improve things….so he'll leave. Either voluntarily or with a push.

    Duceppe has wanted to go for some years now, so he will.

    And Canada could end up with 4 new leaders, and a new era.

  10. no, sorry, dougrougers does not have a point. his suggestion that the non-confidence motion would carry to the next parliament is objectively the dumbest thing i've read on the internet.

  11. I've heard a couple of media reports describing this as the first time since Joe Clark that a government will have fallen on a vote of non-confidence. Can somebody confirm that? Didn't Paul Martin fall on a specific motion of non-confidence related to Adscam and ethics issues?

  12. As to 'maybe, maybe not' I was referring to this:

    'As the Conservative's minority government in Ottawa stands on the brink of collapse, the Abbotsford-Mission Times has been told the federal NDP is not seeking an election.'

  13. Non-confidence on a budget is probably what they're referring to.

  14. If after 4 elections in 7 years, Harper gets another minority, an even smaller one…..he'll leave. Either voluntarily, or with a push.

    that's your delusions talking. harper is staying on even with a minority. sorry to burst your bubble. conservatives are not backstabbing power-hungry fools, like, hum, another major federal party.

  15. Well, I simply ignored the dumb things being said by dougrougers in this case.

    Here on this website, it's much better to ignore the dumb remarks, or how else to get anything across?

  16. LOL you don't know much about politics.

  17. Maybe, but Harper isn't going to fall on the budget, right? Media. lol

  18. right, you cant discuss the substance, so you make an unsubstantiated claim about my knowledge.

    let me see if i can argue on the same level as you: Ye're STOOPID!

    please provide, if you can, why the Conservatives would dump the man who brought them together, returned them to power after 13 years of Liberal hell, for – you know – winning a freaking election?

  19. 9:23 Now Ralph Goodale is telling us it's 70 billion dollars the Conservatives have unaccounted for.

    Just 20 minutes ago it was 40 billion. The Liberals must be speed readers, going from 40 billion to 70 billion in less than twenty minutes.

    By the time the motion of contempt is being presented the Liberal lies may have hit infinity!!


  20. if i ignore the dumb remarks, there's barely anything left to read.

    i use the dumb remarks as a form of entertainment.

  21. The BQ is now telling us that the Conservatives are undemocratic towards Quebec.

    Got that? It's Canada being undemocratic towards Quebec, not the other way around.


  22. Not as far as I know, but if Joe Clark was mentioned that's probably what they're talking about.

  23. Oh, we could be soul brothers…….I actually enjoyed your postings a while back when you were discussing the in and out affair.

    But you know, what is not clear to me, whether the dumb remarks are made on purpose or if they are genuine responses to our political reality. If they are genuine remarks, our country is in serious trouble, I believe.

  24. Testy, testy…tsk tsk. LOL

    Like I said, if after 4 elections in 7 years they get yet another minority, and an even smaller one, then Harper is going backwards.

    So everyone will immediately think about who would do better, and the knives will be out.

    You think all those people are willing to remain what they are, forever? Primeministerial ambitions of their own will take over. Shik, shik….

  25. I agree. Harper stays on as long as he forms government. Of course, if he gets a minority, he might not get the chance to form a government. The coalition might well give it a run like they did last time.

  26. Liberal MP Denis Coderre just waved the 2004 opposition party address to the GG into the air, within the House.

    This is good! The 2008 Official Coalition Agreement has been taken off the Liberal website just now!

    Read all about it:

  27. agreed, i've enjoyed your posts as well.

    the dumb remarks are made by hard-core Liberal and NDP supporters – dont worry, they dont represent the general populace, they represent Liberal and NDP "thinking".

  28. your mistake is that you think Conservatives cant make the same calculation as you – that Harper is the biggest obstacle for the Liberals to return to power. you want Harper gone because of that, and Conservatives want to keep Harper because of that.

    That's why I took no particular joy in seeing Dion being booted out. I would have enjoyed Dion as Liberal leader for a long long time.

  29. Your mistake is that you're too young to know better.

  30. you dont know my age, and being young is not a mistake. no, my mistake is conversing with an idiot like you.

  31. Yeah, I do. And it's an age of naïveté, and know-it-allness. LOL.

  32. how old am I then?

  33. The one I just told you….an age of naïveté, and know-it-allness. LOL

    If you want a number…probably in your forties…at least chronologically.

  34. no, thirties.

    and yet im clearly more educated then you.

  35. Well there you are then. A young fogey. LOL

    And unless you've got more than a PhD, and have been elected to public office…no, you're not.

  36. i dont have more than a PhD, I've got a B.Sc and an LLB. which is more useful than a PhD.

    What do you have? a PhD in Feminist and Queer Studies? hahaha.

    and you think you're edumacated…. hahahaha

  37. …oh we can see the level of education you have. LOL

  38. no no, please, if you're bragging about your PhD, please let us rubes know what field it was in?

    i've had plenty of fun for today, with the Conservatives in majority territory and Iggy being an idiot about the coalition, it would really make my day if you could continue to brag about your useless PhD.

  39. I've already said science and economics.

    You never pay attention, you just brag about your non-existent 'edumacation'. LOL

  40. Don't usually agree with Em but I think she is right here. If another minority then I think PM Harper has hit a ceiling that he won't get past. I think he is smart enough to know that.

  41. alright, these are real disciplines… that puts a tiny damper on what was looking to be a perfect friday, but it's still a very good friday.

  42. sorry to burst your bubble. conservatives are not backstabbing power-hungry fools, like, hum, another major federal party.

    I don't know who you are, but I know you aren't David Orchard.

  43. What do you have? a PhD in Feminist and Queer Studies? hahaha.

    Real class act you've got going there.