Toke the vote


Liberal delegates voted in favour of a policy resolution this morning that recommendation the legalization and regulation of marijuana. So there’s your easy headline.

But, shortly before that vote, delegates endorsed an idea that one can actually imagine seeing in the next Liberal election platform: preferential balloting.

WHEREAS it is recognized that first past the post voting systems do not properly reflect the will of the people in a multiparty country;

WHEREAS the current system does not produce clear electoral victors (candidates seldom win with more than 50 percent);

WHEREAS the Liberal Party of Canada already uses a preferential balloting system in its own leadership and riding nomination contests;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada implement a preferential ballot for all future national elections.


Toke the vote

  1. Good so far….!

  2. Why are you left-winger/corporatists all so blind to the dreary possibilities inherent in proportional representation?  Look at modern Europe’s politics,  and reflect.

    • As one who worked on a campaign entitled “Resolution #79:  Votez Non, Vote No” I will say for the three thousandth time this weekend, Preferential ballot is NOT proportional representation!

      So while this result is disappointing to me, what is annoying is the complete lack of knowledge of what you are talking about.  Liberals will learn (because we will teach them) but you, buddy, are on your own.  Which is fine because you won’t bother to inform yourself about what you are talking about and will continue to look like an idiot.

      And to be fair, most Liberals did have the understanding of the difference before they voted.  We just lost for now.

      • For senorito, your best bet is to assume a complete lack of knowledge of what’s being talked about as the starting point. It’s less frustrating that way.

  3. A referendum must take place for this to work, where at least 50% of the electorate vote in favour of the change.

    A proposal that seeks clearer electoral victories cannot simply be instituted by a Liberal majority government that received, say, 40% of the vote, since the proposal would define that very government as being less than legitimate under the “new” proposed system.

    It would simply be unfair, or at the very least, ironic. (Now, if the Liberals get 50% or more votes in an election, then it’s another story).

    • Heh.  Yeah, we’d better announce that one immediately before dropping the writ. 

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