Echoing Jason Kenney, John Baird expresses concern with Christy Clark’s stance on Northern Gateway.

“We can’t have a Canada where we try to toll-gate different goods and services in different parts of the country,” Baird told CBC’s Power and Politics. “Alberta has a great resource, it’s a great resource for Canada, and they obviously have to get that resource to market.”

Central to the Harper government’s response would seem to be an effort to turn tollgate into a verb.



  1. Somewhere PET is laughing at this sudden concern for Canada.

    • I’ve been laughing at Canada for years. I just hate everything about it.

  2. Has it not occurred to any of these people that if they insist on this “this must not be a toll road” metaphor that the government of B.C. may just respond, “Fine, then you can’t build that road through our province at all”?

  3. Something just occurred to me.

    B.C. should build a firewall.


  4. Considering the patchwork of liquor laws and liquor jurisdictions we have across this country, Kenney’s comments are laughable. We already have number tollgates in place that make things more expensive for Canadian consumers. I guess putting up tollgates that make things more expensive for Chinese megacorporations is a problem, though.

  5. BHP was planning on exporting Potash Corp’s potash through Washington State ports. Brad Wall stood up for BC ports in rejecting the BHP takeover. Maybe Canpotex/Potash should begin considering Washington State ports if BC is going to start demanding royalty stake in other provinces’ resources.

    • That’s their prerogative.

  6. Alberta has been taking a severe royalty hit by allowing BC natural gas to flow through Alberta pipeline to the United States. Alberta natural gas royalties would be much higher if Alberta forced BC natural gas producers to pay more for access to the Alberta pipeline system.

    Alberta is defacto subsidizing the BC natural gas industry and accelerating the development of the LNG industry and associated natural gas pipelines, but allowing BC equal access to its pipelines.

    • Oh, stop it with your logic.

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