Trudeau not for merging


Justin Trudeau apparently isn’t interested in a merger with the NDP.

Earlier in Burlington, Trudeau told reporters, if he becomes leader, he would not entertain a merger with the NDP so the left could be united against the Conservative government. “I don’t think that’s an interesting idea,” he said.

Despite some support for the idea from Chretien, Trudeau said, “I want to be leader of the Liberal party, not some sort of hybrid, semi-ideological formation.”

His father offered cabinet seats to Ed Broadbent in 1980 and speculated a little about the ramifications in his memoirs.


Trudeau not for merging

  1. Just two more for the daily JT quota.

  2. I guess Justin has forgotten how harper got in, and he would rather split the vote so we have to endure another four years of damage from the religious right government we have in (and I use the term loosely) power.

    • No different than how Chretien got in.

      • What does that have to do with the point he/she is making? It’s just a comment on vote splitting.

      • Ah, no. When Chretien took office the combined PC/Reform vote was 35%.

    • It’s likely the only strategy he can use. Right now Trudeau wants to put the wind up the NDP.To muse on merger now would demoralize the libs who are rebuilding, and in any case the libs have to pull the NDP back or themselves even before any talk of merging is even feasible. You can’t negotiate from a position of weakness. No sensible politician is going to run on a ticket of: ‘i can’t do it…let’s merge’ – Mulcair didn’t for the opposite reason – the NDP are ahead. If neither party can gain a clear advantage before ’15 and or if the CPC is still the clear front runner, we may hear some more talk about cooperation, but not before, from either Mulcair or Trudeau. It would be suicide for either of them.
      What would really help imo is for both parties to agree on the need for electoral reform at some point. But even here, if they do it too early, you can imagine the Tory whine…er line…COALITION of unholy socialists and undemocratic liberals!

      • So….. he’s lying is what you’re saying?

        • No it isn’t what I’m saying Rick. For one thing I don’t doubt he believes he has to run as a liberal; more importantly it’s my opinion only, so why would you assume he’s lying on my say so? Why don’t you ask him ?

    • No, I think Justin does not want to run a divisive campaign that focuses on the NDP: he is running to lead the LPC, and it’s Liberals and his vision that he wants to promote at this time in his career. The question was inevitablel, he has dealt with it emphatically and early on, so now the discussion can turn back to his vision for leadership. I can only imagine the cacaphony if he kicked off his campaign to lead a party by saying he wants to merge with another party.

    • I hear your pain. However, no merger doesn’t mean no cooperation! Mind you, this isn’t something I expect him to endorse at the present time. kcm2 is right and it is all in the timing–for both men.

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