Truth in advertising


While noting the Conservative campaign’s interest in factual accuracy, the NDP quibbles on various points raised in the new Conservative attack ad.

Coming off a week where the Conservatives were pretty testy about misquotes in TV ads, Stephen Harper released ads that were full of made-up stuff … Making stuff up in TV ads is more proof that Ottawa is broken.


Truth in advertising

  1. Tsk tsk..Harper's trousers are going up in flames…..again

    • Yes, and the last three times he did it, the voters punished him by giving him 99, 124, and 143 seats, in chronological order.

      • Well it's not because voters approve of his lying.

        • Do you have a better working hypothesis?

          • Well stupidity is always a possibility I grant you….but then Libs have had the 'perfect storm

      • Interesting numerical progression. On this basis a prediction of 165 seats is in order I think (i.e. +25, +19 . . . +22).

  2. Oh Wherry! You are such a crack reporter!

    I know it was just an oversight that you forgot about this:

    "This whole thing would not have happened if the moves hadn't been made with the Bloc [Quebecois] to lock them in early because you couldn't put three people together in three hours. The first part was done a long time ago. I won't go into details," Layton divulges.

    Strange the NDP web site fails to mention this.

    Glad to see you've jumped on the NDP bandwagon now that Iggy is tanking.

    Liberal ad with quote attributed to Harper invented out of thin air is the same as…
    Conservative ad referring to statement unquestionably and indisputably spoken by Jack Layton himself.

    • Layton and Duceppe work out together at the gym. Only you could make this into a grand conspiracy. LOL

    • Might what and when they started working things out have been in 2004. After Harper showed them what could be done they were willing to take the lessons from the master strategist and run with them.

      • Sure, let`s go with that—-Harper made them do that.
        That goes over well at Blog Central so should be good around the country.

        • What sort of mind control do they use to make you people block out 2004?

        • I'm not saying Harper made them do it. Just pointed it out as a possibility.

          • So you're saying it and you're not saying it. Interesting.

  3. The quote “Layton was willing to make Duceppe the “Driving Force” in the Coalition (Toronto Star, October 6, 2010)” is a blatant misrepresentation. It was Duceppe himself who said the "driving force" thing, not Layton.

    Even though I have extremely serious misgivings about the 2008 Coalition attempt, I honestly don't believe that the NDP or the Liberals had any intention of making Duceppe the "driving force".

    I would like nothing more than to see the Bloc wiped off the map in Canadian politics. I never, ever want to see the Bloc in a situation where it can extort concessions as the price for propping up a coalition. It's fair game to criticize Layton for his role in the 2008 coalition. However, it's not fair to use Duceppe's own skewed and self-aggrandizing recollections to suggest that Layton was willing to make him the driving force.

    • It's also worth noting that I doubt Duceppe, no matter what he might say for the masses, wanted to be the driving force either. It would prove that Federalism works and can deliver results if Quebec chooses to participate.

    • Incidentally re: wanting the Bloc wiped away– this is why the NDP and Libs have to bite the bullet and accept bye-bye to the per-vote subsidy. They'll have a rough bit at first but will learn to fundraise from a wide swath of small donors– and the Bloc will be put on the kind of financial diet they should be on– they won't raise as much the same way (obv) but not even proportionally will they either.

      • Canadians, don't buy the FEAR…

        The New Democratic Party in the year 2011 are a CENTER-LEFT party, if you want to talk political spectrum. NOT an "EXTREME-LEFT", "FAR-LEFT", "SOCIALIST", 1902 un-democratic cut off your head if you don't comply, party…

        In the year 2011? in our DEMOCRATIC country? where the politicians are accountable to the PEOPLE?, NOT the other way around…(like Harper would have) The 1902 FEAR MONGERING catchphrases are just ridicules American style babble.

        The CENTER-left NDP will do whatever it takes to stay in power, no differently then ANY other political party, & WOW?! if they make mistakes? like EVERY other party in history?!, then VOTE them out. Back in the CONTEXT that these FEAR MONGERS are trying to use them in today?, they had NO VOTE.

        All I know is JACK is a SAINT compared to Harper. BY FAR the hardest working MP in Parliament for the PEOPLE, not to mention his team. The only thing any Canadian who cares about what's LEFT of Canada should FEAR is the Harper Regime.

        Anyone tells you different?, they are just trying to SCARE you into not voting for JACK, Boo!…

  4. Seems odd Cons would go after the NDP….they supposedly wanted the NDP to overtake the Libs and become the OO.

    • It sounded good on paper.

      • Heh…only to Cons.

        • Now they're only left with the Bloc…

          • Mon dieu! The evil separatists??

    • They want the Libs and NDP at about the same level. Makes for optimum vote splitting.

  5. The Conservative attack on Layton is a calculated strategic move to build NDP momentum. This can only inflict mortal damage on the Liberals. Harper is at the top of his chess game!

    • Verhoeven you've got to change your avatar at least if you want us to think you're someone else. Heh, this is actually funny what with the "top of the chess game!" and all.

      • @DerekPearce

        You must be the ANTI-NDPer who reported my posts to have them removed?, what makes you so special that you cant just ignore views that don't match your own?.

        Not everyone like you reads each & every post on Macleans.

        Instead on spouting pointless babble I AT LEAST try to tell it like it is & get to as many misinformed viewers as possible, so shoot me DeceptaCON.

        I see a hellofa allot worse FEAR MONGERING comments posted on every post I post on LOL!.

  6. Can we please have some new, real intellectuals who are good problem solvers, whole hearted and honorable candidates who have not been experienced(corrupted) by todays political circles and private sector funding…..who strive to uphold rights and morals that everyone has grown up with. Intellectuals who look after Canada and not worry about their reelection

    • We're kinda short on saints…so you'll have to make do with ordinary human beings.

      • when canadians give over 300 billion dollars in taxes, i think we deserve candidates that are above ordinary citizens in intellect at least and have a clear set of morals and know who THEY are serving….canadians citizens

        • Canadians don't want intellectuals running things. They want someone they can have a beer with…so this is what we get.

          Plus…they aren't servants, they are representatives…there to lead the country

          And whose 'morals' would they be?

        • With a sample size of 305 you will only achieve average intelligence… all things being equal.

          • But I hear your plea.

  7. I'm surprised these aren't being geographically targeted. Ideally the Conservatives would like to see the NDP numbers down in the West and Quebec, but would benefit from an NDP surge in Ontario…

    • Too much baggage. The NDP left Ontarians with a bad taste in their mouths after their brief kick at the can. It's almost as palpable as Alberta's dislike of Trudeau.

  8. Truth and CRAP in the same sentence. Talk about an oxymoron.

  9. It seems fairly clear now, that to most in the media, only Harper must be accountable. Meanwhile, efforts to normalize a losing party taking power continue in earnest.

    I’ve never seen this level of propagandizing from the media in all my days.

    • Neither have I. It's never-ending, it was not this bad in 2006 or 2008, and when Conservatives react to it, then the media start whining about that, too.

  10. Yep…no question that stupidity is a possibility…

  11. Folks, call me paranoid, but I think there's A LOT more to the Coup/Coalition than meets the eye. And it's not good. For those interested in stopping the hijacking of OUR democracy, please give a gander at: "The Real Co-Conspirators Behind the Coup":

    and tell me if I'm wrong. Please.

  12. that doesn't even make sense. The vote splitting will give them the majority.

  13. I was at a hockey game last nite and a booing broke out.
    Conspiculously it was booing for one politician but applause for another – hockey fans do have some sophistication.

    Rick Radovski, Vice President Marketing and Sales at St. Michael s Majors Hockey Team, Mississauga,
    @RickRadovski Rick Radovski
    4000 people booed #Ignatief at the #Majors game tonight while #Mississauga Mayor#HazelMcCallion got a huge ovation. She should run Canada
    11 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

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