Vic Toews responds to Pat Martin -

Vic Toews responds to Pat Martin


A statement from the Public Safety Minister.

“Rather than commending Youth for Christ for the exceptional work they do both in Manitoba and around the world, NDP MP Pat Martin (Winnipeg-Centre) launched into a rambling tirade against the organization through Twitter last night.

For a sitting Member of Parliament to attack an organization with blatant mistruths is both irresponsible and disgraceful. The new facility that Youth for Christ operates from better serves the Winnipeg region and allows it to expand its reach and capacity. It is beyond comprehension why he would attack an organization for its religious affiliations while claiming that it funnels money out of Canada and has low enrollment in the Winnipeg area. These claims are patently false. The funding for Youth for Christ was allocated through Infrastructure Canada as part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan and was meant to allow for the necessary upgrades that would better serve the community. Youth for Christ helps countless disadvantaged youths and works to curb gang activity and the violent life it leads to.

In the midst of his outburst, I understand that Pat Martin was upset about being left off the guest list for another announcement I made earlier this week that would see new residential accommodations built for newcomers.

It is news to me that he is suddenly interested in the concerns of his riding. I’ve dealt with many opposition MPs in Winnipeg, including former MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis and current Winnipeg-North MP Kevin Lamoureux, both of whom have contacted my office previously and have spoken with me regarding funding for their ridings – in my seven years as the Senior Minister for Manitoba, Mr. Martin has not made the same efforts.

Given that the bulk of the money was allocated by the provincial NDP Government, I have to wonder why they also chose not to invite him. Clearly even his own party doesn’t want him at events.”


Vic Toews responds to Pat Martin

  1. Vic Toews’ still being in government is offensive to Canadians after the things he’s said and done in the past couple of years.

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    • Now you hate Mennonite’s too? You’re list of prejudices is getting to be too long to keep track of.

      • LOL and after all your years of trolling too……

        • The irony here is pretty delicious.

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          • Says the woman with 8,000 posts. You are unintentionally hilarious.

          • Ahh and now the Concern Troll

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      • I’m in no way defending the Toe, he’s a piece of work.
        But when you start on this topic of #RFW’s you can’t forget Jack; and he was no evangelical that’s for sure.
        Is it just a coincidence that they both sported the same goofy moustache?

    • EmilyOne is a religious bigot. Pure and simple. Shame.

      • Actually, the word is atheist.

        • Actually the word is bigot.

          • Nope sorry….atheist.

            I am, however, intolerant of stupidity.

            Oh, and in the interest of accuracy all ’round….I’m neither pure nor simple.

          • I cant speak for your purity but you are simple!

          • You’re the one with the Humpty Dumpty definitions, son.

          • Who is Humpty Dumpty?

        • Most thinking atheists are not bigots

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          • Enough to know a hater like yourself only represents herself

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          • LOL You don’t even know what you’re arguing about. The topic is Vic Toews….something you’ve lost track of, but others haven’t.

            Tangents, red herrings, babble….all Con games. Sophomoric nonsense you think is clever, but you’re just wasting everybody’s time. Yawn. Ciao.

          • It was Toews but you have made it all Christians and ask me if I know every atheist. Know every Christian Ms.Hypocrite

          • I pointed out that Mr Toews is a hypocrite, claiming to be a devout christian when everyone is aware he got his kid’s babysitter pregnant.

            And if you had any idea about the meaning of words you’d know that atheists regard ALL religions as nonsense.

          • Only smart atheists that excludes you

          • Okay buddy, you had your proverbial second chance and you blew it.


          • Sorry I am a Mennonite thanks for speaking for me.NOT

          • Suuuure you are. LOL

            However, I don’t care if you’re a Mennonite/Hindu/Muslim/whatever…religion is a Bronze Age fairy tale

            And it’s practicioners are usually hypocrites….like Vic Toews.

          • You question me about questioning your qualifications as an Atheist spokesperson then make a general statement about three religions you know nothing about. You just passed hypocritical and have entered the laughable stage

          • Hmmm maybe all Mennonites are assholes. You and Vic sure seem to be.

            Ciao, kiddo.

          • Hmmm maybe trolls named Emily are bigger assholes; I can write brainless inane generalizations too

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            There’s nothing “proverbial” about a second chance, you just made that up. Find me a passage in Proverbs that says anything about a “second chance.” There’s no such thing.

            Time to tighten up your thinking there buddy.

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          • Well you’re wrong, most atheists are left wing Liberals, and isn’t that a religion? People still worship that ugly Trudeau and he’s been dead since September 28, 2000.

            I noticed the other day and here again, you’re a member of the “ciao” crowd, the mock foreign bunch always saying stuff like “No problemo!” Same ones who say “Correcta -mundo” and “Exacta-mundo.” You shouldn’t do that it makes you seem pretentious.

            Anyway it’s pretty sophomoric and I don’t have time for it, so adios amigo!

          • Ayn Rand….the rightwing saint, and originator of Objectivism….was an atheist. So is Karl Rove.

            Many rightwingers aren’t religious nuts. They’re just garden-variety nuts

            Liberals are centrists, not leftwing. The NDP is leftwing

            Religion involves a god or gods. That’s why Buddhism is a philosophy not a religion.

            PS….when people speak more than one language, they have the ability to mix and match as they choose. However you’re not speaking any other language…’re just quoting an old TV character.

          • Wrong! There hasn’t been a centrist Liberal since Gladstone.

            They call themselves neo-cons these days and they’ve all fled over to the PC’s. Establishment Canadian Liberals are terrified of religion it upsets their dream of being totalitarians.

            That’s why they send numbskull trolls like you out her to vilify religion and do everything they can to deify a filthy creature like Pierre Trudeau.

          • Gladstone died in 1898 ….in England.

            There are no federal PCs in Canada.

            Harper is a neo-Con

            I’m not a Liberal.

            I don’t care if people believe in pink unicorns….as long as they don’t insist I do.

            Trudeau was a firm believer in bathing.

            You are illiterate…and into the eggnog by the sound of it

          • Ah, you’re NOT a Liberal. Therefore when you say “ciao” to everyone, you mean Chow. It’s not pretentiousness at all, you simply don’t know
            how to spell. That makes sense.

            And If, as you say, Trudeau was a “believer in bathing” it must have been one of those wacky theories that he didn’t have a chance to put into practice. He had a pile of theories and you would know all about this
            bathing one if you were ever lucky enough to stand beside him somewhere.

            You’re correct absolutely about Gladstone’s death in 1898 but it’s a pointless remark. N’est ce pas?

            It looks to me as if you’re nothing but a sad, confused little man who shouldn’t go out without his mother.

          • Eggnog has a lot to answer for. LOL

  3. “For a sitting Member of Parliament to attack an organization with blatant mistruths is both irresponsible and disgraceful.” – Toews Well Mr Toews, you and your party know all about attacks and blatant mistruths, don’t you? Perhaps Mr Martin took a page from the ReformaCon playbook. The book you, Harper and the rest of the degenerates currently destroying Canada operate from.

    • I know you are, but what am I?

  4. I am extremely sick and tired of evangelical groups claiming that they aren’t recruiting through these “outreach” programs or anti-gang programs. Go look at their mission statement. It is to bring people to Christ, these other services just serve as the means to do that. Every time someone mentions that, they cry “but we help so many people!” Um, right, so that you can convert them. “But we help people no matter what they want to believe!” Of course, you’re planting the seed and focusing on the ones you are able to convert. Someone needs to call these people out. It’s too bad Martin appears to get a little drunk and post on twitter.

    • Creating ‘rice bowl christians’ in Canada. Not reliable ones, but it boosts their numbers.

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    • Ahhh. You must be the ex-wife

    • Another left wing bigot.

      • Shouldn’t that be “another tolerant progressive”?

    • Does cursing make you feel big Tiny Russ

  6. What an ass.

  7. Context would be nice. Wasn’t Martin upset at not being invited to an event in his riding that he was elected to represent, not at the organization being honoured at the event?

  8. Does Pat M have a drinking problem?

  9. Whatever you think of Pat Martin, he is the representative for the riding and it’s dismissive of the office and his constituents to fail to recognize that while spending government money.

    • What Pat Martin did was wrong and he has now admitted as much and apologized for it. Thankfully this time he does not have a libel suit as a result of his ongoing inability to control himself and hopefully that will spare taxpayers from picking up another expensive legal bill.

      What to me is more concerning is the level of hate that some people on here are conveying in response. Just what we need…..more people who promote religious based hatred. Clearly Pat Martin brings out the “best” in some of you.

  10. Nice to see Toews take the high road.

  11. Christ called. He wants Toews to stop claiming any association with him.
    The babysitter called. She wants the same thing.
    The wife called. Ditto.

  12. Toews has so little credibility I cannot help but completely ignore everything that comes out of his mouth or off his pen. Why does the response make it sound like he was attacking the organization, rather then what he truly was mad at, being excluded by Toews.