‘We most certainly hope and expect that this does not in any way reflect reality’


The Prime Minister gets some mail.

More than 180 Canadian organizations and public figures have signed a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper calling on him to repatriate Omar Khadr — one of the largest efforts yet in a growing campaign to bring the detained Canadian home. 

“We believe that your inaction with regards to this important case, compared to your active involvement in other cases (such as the repatriation of Brenda Martin from Mexico), has been, rightly or wrongly, interpreted by the Muslim community as indicative that your government considers Canadian Muslims to be second-class citizens,” the letter, released by the Council on American-Islamic Relations Canada, reads. “While we most certainly hope and expect that this does not in any way reflect reality, it is nonetheless crucial that you understand that this is a growing perception within the Muslim community.”

The letter’s signatories include virtually every major Muslim group in Canada, as well as several Jewish and human-rights organizations. Among the individuals who attached their names to the plea are former NDP leader Alexa McDonough, Naomi Klein and Maher Arar. Former Progressive Conservative MP Flora MacDonald, who served as secretary of state for external affairs under Joe Clark, also signed the letter.

The support of Ms. MacDonald is probably not to be too easily dismissed.


‘We most certainly hope and expect that this does not in any way reflect reality’

  1. The attachment of Naomi Klein to a letter significantly subtracts credibility.

    The attachment of Maher Arar to a letter trying to repatriate without trial somebody who said that he saw Arar at a terrorist training camp is… ah… questionable?

    • Earth to planet Bob! It has been established by khadr’s defence team that Arar was in Canada at the time. Unless you believe Arar is a shape shifter or is capable of being in two places at once!
      NK’s signature is neither here nor there.

    • It would be more accurate ( granted, accuracy not required ) if you were to say that Naomi Klein’s signature subtracts credibility for YOU.

  2. Indeedy – the long list of bleeding hearts on this list is hugely unhelpful, and will encourage Harper to ignore the petition.

    The Maher Arar mention is neither here nor there – I don’t think that anyone ever took that particular piece of “evidence” seriously. By the time he agreed to that, Oma Khadr probably would have agreed to have seen Mickey Mouse and the Queen of England at the training camp.

    • I’m referring strictly to the optics of Arar’s signature, which are bad. I don’t buy the testimony for a second, but you don’t want to ignore the implications either.

      • I’m referring strictly to the optics of Arar’s signature, which are bad.

        Where do you people get this stuff? It’s priceless.

      • Lord BoB
        Gd pt! My apologies.
        i wonder what a man like MA really thinks? Perhaps he considers signing a gd thing as someone has to start asking questions, sometime!

  3. The “several Jewish organizations” that signed the letter are in fact different names for the same organization.

    From wikipedia: Independent Jewish Voices (Canada), formerly known as the Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians (ACJC) is a coalition of Canadian Jews who are critical of the policies of the Israeli government, particularly toward the Palestinians. The alliance adopted its current name after its first national conference in 2008.

      • Nope – the IJC is too tiny to sponsor any junkets. They had 184 members in 2007. According to the Canadian Jewish Congress the “IJC will remain a rump on the edge of Jewish society.”

        I guess it’s hard to recruit Jews to an organization that wants the state of Israel to be dismantled.

  4. I applaud all who signed the letter.

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