What are we doing in Afghanistan? (I)


Good question.

An excerpt from Peter MacKay’s speech to the House when the Defence Minister tabled the 2008 extension of the mission.

Make no mistake about it, our security and that of our allies is at stake in Afghanistan, along with the people of that country and region. That is why we are there. We are there with our allies, our partners in both NATO and UN. Over 60 like-minded and determined nations in various roles are contributing to the peace, security and betterment of the country.

This is why we cannot abandon the vital leadership role that we have been assuming in Afghanistan until we reach that critical tipping point, until we are able to give it the ability to assume a larger role and govern itself completely free of the shadows of Taliban terror.


What are we doing in Afghanistan? (I)

  1. I think that statement squares with Harper’s latest utterances if one assumes that Afghanistan can govern itself “completely free of the shadows of Taliban terror” without necessarily defeating the Taliban.

    In practice, this means a negotiated settlement between the newly installed Afghan government and the Taliban is needed.

    – JV

    • That assumes rather a lot. I think the Harper govt has ran smack into a little obstacle called objective reality. No problem there, govts do it all the time – as do all of us – the only objectionable part to my mind is that we, the public now have to listen to politicians insult our intelligence by telling us that they knew this all along, and we just weren’t listening hard enough. I’m just happy that realism seems to prevail now.

  2. I would agree with JV : rarely does one out and out defeat such insurgents ask Alexander the Great : what one can do is get local support, cull the violent leaders out and slowly but surely weed out the worst of the rest of the lot then time will tell. What we have is a guerilla war being fought by attackers from outside of Afghanistan and residing in Pakistan so the issue here really gets down to this conflict will last as long as Afghanistan and Pakistan allow it! Sooner or later they will have to deal with this and bring the Pashtun etc etc etc into line with those that will cooperate signing on in some sort of negotiation and both Afghan’s and Pakistani’s weeding the most violent of the opponents and absorbing those that they can.

    • Wayne
      I trust you realize that if you had read that statement out in say – the HOC – a yr or two ago, you would now be referreed to as Wahabi Wayne. 20 20 hindsights a bitch aint it?

      • Isn;t wahabi that sauce you get with Sushi?

        • Yeah, i was too lazy to look up the real spelling. Glad to see yr not confusing yr cultures either.

  3. In 2004, John Kerry suggested that terrorism could never be defeated outright and the objective should be to have it policed like organized crime by chipping away over long periods of time.

    Conservatives ridiculed him as being defeatist, anti-American, soft-on-terrorists.

    • IOKIYAR – Ted (It’s OK If You’re A Republican)

      we can translate that to Canada as IOKIYAC)

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