What does Rob Ford want?


The mayor of Toronto doesn’t want money for social programs. Indeed, last month, he voted against accepting federal funding for a gang intervention program.

He would like to see the federal government impose harsher sentences on those convicted of gun-related crimes. And he would also like to somehow prevent individuals convicted of gun-related crimes from living in Toronto.

“I’m going to hopefully meet with the Prime Minister to see if we can toughen our gun laws,” Mayor Rob Ford told radio station AM40 Wednesday night. “Once they’re charged and they go to jail the most important thing is when they get out of jail, I don’t want them living in this city. They can go anywhere else, but I don’t want them in the city.”

Asked how he planned to force gangsters out of Toronto, Mr. Ford said: “I don’t know and that’s what I’m going to sit down with the prime minister and find out: how our immigration laws work. Obviously I have an idea. But whatever I can do to get them out of the city I’m going to, regardless of whether they have family or friends, I don’t want these people, if they’re convicted of a gun crime, to have anything to do with the City of Toronto.”

Daniel Dale notes there has been no public suggestion from police that immigrants were involved in the Scarborough shooting.


What does Rob Ford want?

  1. That’s just what we need: borders INSIDE our country.

  2. As Bugs Bunny said of Yosemite Sam….’Wadda maroon’.

  3. I believe when Mel Lastman was mayor of The Big Smoke, and Harris was top dog, Lastman was agitating for Toronto be a City-State, as he felt it was being ill-treated by the provincial government of the day.

    What does Rob Ford want? He wants to be Doge of Toronto.

    • If he does become Doge, he’ll be able to run people out of Doge City!

  4. “I don’t know and that’s what I’m going to sit down with the prime minister and find out: how our immigration laws work.”
    Given the Prime Minister’s statements on parliamentary practice (“losers don’t get to form governments”) I think Mr Ford will only leave the meeting in a state of increased confusion when he asks the Prime Minister anything about how any of our laws actually work.

    He’d probably be better off sending a letter requesting the same to “Collected Wisdom” in the Saturday G&M.

    • The Calgary School leading the blind.

  5. It’s almost like watching a 6-year-old child give advice on solving grown-up problems … except that you know the 6-year-old will eventually develop a greater capacity for analysis and reason.

  6. I suspect Ford has had a peek at the crime statistics and notices that a large majority of the violent crime committed in Toronto comes from one relatively small group that either are recent immigrants or are offspring of recent immigrants.
    He is committing the unspeakable act now of actually wanting to talk about the wisdom of that particular immigration initiated in Trudeau`s time. The liberals on this site would prefer to keep their naivety intact and continue to ignore the obvious. They get to keep their progressive label and figure if they keep out of certain neighbourhoods or even better stay inside all day then they`ll be safe and that`s what really matters, isn`t it ?
    So they make fun of Ford`s appearance.
    They want crime statistics to be hidden,
    More money for social programs—public barbecues?
    Let`s chase down the sport shooters and duck hunters.
    Oh, and bullets should be banned in Toronto.

    • Oh, so it’s Pierre Trudeau’s fault? That’s really a stretch. But that seems to be the prevailing conservative line: “all these problems are because Trudeau let in all those nigger immigrants”.

      And nice try on “Let’s chase down the sport shooters and duck hunters”.
      Because, you know, HANDGUNS are used for duck hunting.

  7. The answer is to pawn the malcontents off on someone else? Wow! Let’s pass the crime stats to the next city!
    The better line of thought at the moment is just who did this and why aren’t they in custody? You know, use the laws that exist to contain violence rather than lather up the masses.

    If people don’t want “big brother” type loons dreaming up ways to put eyes on every corner, maybe a little more civility has to be used . The idea of a gun everyone’s pocket doesn’t hold much appeal either.

  8. What a red herring…. Let’s assume the criminals are all foreign. We need good leadership in Toronto, but instead we get pandering and race-baiting.