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What else is in the latest omnibus budget bill?

Changes to how public service labour disputes are settled


Yesterday, the Harper government tabled its latest omnibus budget bill, this one measuring 325 pages and including amendments to the Supreme Court Act. Kathryn May explains how the bill would also change public service labour rules.

The most worrisome reform revolves around the right to arbitration as a way to settle contract disputes. The government intends to only allow arbitration if both parties — Treasury Board and the unions — agree. If they don’t agree, conciliation and a possible strike are the only other alternatives for unions to settle labour disputes.

At the same time, however, the government has reserved the “exclusive” right to decide which jobs will be designated “essential,” which means employees in those jobs can’t strike. Employees in bargaining groups where the government has designated 80 per cent to be essential will be allowed to seek arbitration to settle impasses.


What else is in the latest omnibus budget bill?

  1. And yet this government continues to claim that it isn’t anti-union. I call BS

    • This govt claims a lot of things that aren’t true. The whole thing is BS.

    • I’d rather have a government that’s anti-union than one that’s focusing it’s time and efforts on giving more of my money to lazy public servants.

      Oh, and just because the government wants to run the public service efficiently, it doesn’t make them “anti-union”, it makes them effective managers.

      • I just love the way you slander a whole group of people as “lazy”. It’s been my observation that those who are ever-ready to label others as lazy are in fact themselves pretty damn lazy. And exactly how would getting rid of public service unions make the public service more “efficient”?
        Every day we see more evidence of this gov’t’s (in)effective management :-)

      • LOL. Even for you, that’s a doozy. Saying that removing arbitration and forcing unions to move to strike is the sign of effective management and that they want to run the public service efficiently is simply mind-boggling.

        How, exactly, do you think that arbitration — where they’re still actually working while it goes on — is less efficient than striking?

        • I believe the idea here is to force unions into a strike, in the expectation that they will discredit themselves, at least among “the base”.

      • notRick, unions are largely responsible for the increase of wealth in the middle class during the last century. I know you Conservatives want to concentrate all of the wealth in the top 0.1% of society, but most societies learned of the danger of such foolishness back when most of the world was still governed by feudal nobilities.

  2. Another attack on unions and another attempt to slander the civil service. I bet the CPC is salivating over the optics of the civil service on strike.

    Is there no institution of principle this government won’t abuse for the sake of its insatiable desire for power?

    Given everything that’s been going on, given everything we can reasonably suspect, this is by far the most corrupt government in Canadian history.

    • Are you honestly suggesting that public service unions are institutions of principle? They entire purpose for existing is self-serving. But I guess to some selfishness is a principle.

  3. “The longer i stay PM”…the more i start to resemble Putin.

    • Yes, because Putin is all about smaller government, isn’t he?

      • Yup…a government of one.

      • And other things.

        • Yes, Harper has eliminated all opposition parties. As a result, it is now impossible to dethrone Harper, and the 2015 federal election (if it even happens) will be a mere formality — Harper is effectively PM for life. People need to wake up to this fact. Why do certain naive rubes think that the NDP and the Liberals have any chance at power, when Harper is constantly jailing Liberals and New Democrats and anyone else who stands in his way?
          I’m glad to see that kcm2 is smart enough to see things the way they really are.

          • Zzzzzzzzzz

  4. Harper needs to bundle up his whole legislative agenda for the session into one omnibus bill (again), impose time allocation on the debate (again), ram the vote through (again), prorogue (again) and get outta’ town (again).

    It’s a little dicey-looking for him in Ottawa at the moment. A little festive gathering of the faithful (in Calgary, say) must look good to him about now.

    • Yes, the only people who support Harper are within Calgary city limits. I’m not making this up.

      • The way his game is running lately, your lame@ss observation may be true sooner than you think