What say us?


The Prime Minister’s Office has convened another briefing for 2pm today, perhaps to expand on its “no comment” of yesterday.

In the meantime, here’s what several far less serious governments are saying about the closure of Guantanamo.

Ireland: “While all countries will have to have regard to difficult security issues which arise, Ireland would, of course, be prepared to play its full part in any common action being taken by the EU in responding to a US request for assistance in achieving the objective of closing down Guantánamo … The priority which President Obama is giving to closing Guantánamo is very welcome and creates a new context in which this matter can be addressed.”

France: “The essential fight against terrorism must be conducted in all circumstances with respect for human rights, international humanitarian law and the rights of refugees.”

European Union: “I am delighted that one of the first acts of President Obama has been to turn the page on this sad episode of Guantanamo prison.”

Germany: “Creating Guantanamo was a mistake in the first place and any prisoners who had not been charged should be freed.”

Spain: “I want to express Spain’s satisfaction and support for this decision to close Guantanamo, which Spain and Europe have demanded on numerous occasions.” 

Switzerland: “For Switzerland, the detention of people in Guantanamo is in conflict with international law. Switzerland is ready to consider how it can contribute to the solution of the Guantanamo problem.”


What say us?

  1. Yeah but you have to remember that those countries aren’t “back” like Canada is.

  2. I believe those are all independent countries you have there. What did the Archbishop of York have to say, with all his magnificent influence on world affairs?

  3. Never at a loss to find new lows to achieve, Harper will find some way to out do this one; he’s just that kind of leader

  4. Obama is smart on so many levels for ordering the closure of Guantanamo. It has been a long time coming