Using a search-and-rescue helicopter for a fishing trip sends the wrong message


Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Peter Penashue is upset that a search-and-rescue helicopter was used by members of a squadron to go on a fishing trip.

Labrador MP and provincial cabinet minister Peter Penashue says he’s disappointed that the Department of National Defence permitted a military helicopter to be used for a fishing trip in Labrador. “I think that it sends the wrong message,” said Penashue. “But at the same time I recognize that we hadn’t put anyone at risk.” “It doesn’t help the image, particularly with what we just went through with search and rescue on Labrador.”


Using a search-and-rescue helicopter for a fishing trip sends the wrong message

  1. So the new standard for abuse of resources by civil servants is “nobody died?”

  2. Such abuse of military resources is clearly restricted to toy soldiers, not real ones.

  3. Dumb n’ dumber {DND}

  4. Wait, but congratulations to a Conservative Minister for holding his government to account! Well done, sir!

  5. Wow. What an amazing lapse in judgement by the Goose Bay commander. If he wanted to reward his crew with a fishing trip, he should have used non-SAR resources. Since the amalgamation of SAR coordination and the reduction in budget, those resources are continually stretched to the limit (especially during the summer with all of the increased tourist and industry activity offshore). The quotes to the media since this story broke show that they don’t believe they did anything wrong. Someone needs to give this person a reality check.

  6. I keep saying it. We need a Minister of Common Sense. Every politician and gov’t employee should have access to it. When you feel like doing something outlandish you would call MCS and they would walk you through the right thing to do.