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When you care enough to send the very best


The Harper government will mark the 30th anniversary of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the repatriation of the Constitution with a news release. Irwin Cotler is unimpressed.

Simply put, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is promotive and protective of what the pursuit of justice is all about. It is promotive and protective not only of the inherent dignity and worth of every human being, but the equal dignity and worth of all human beings — where one can aspire to a society which celebrates both equality and human dignity — a society which not only speaks to us in terms of who we are — that recognizes the dignity of difference — but also in terms of what we as Canadians, both collectively and individually, can aspire to be.

It would be only appropriate for the government to recognize the singular significance of the Charter by celebrating and commemorating its 30th anniversary, and recognize its place and importance in both the juridical and political history of Canada, and beyond.


When you care enough to send the very best

  1. And I am unimpressed with Cotler’s enthusiasm for fascism and his inability to use a thesaurus.

    dignity ~ 
    address, cachet, character, consequence, courtliness, culture, decency, decorum, distinction, elevation, eminence, ethics, etiquette, glory, grace, grandeur, gravity, greatness, hauteur, honor, importance, loftiness, majesty, merit, morality, nobleness, perfection, poise, prestige, propriety, quality, rank, regard, renown, respectability, seemliness, self-respect, significance, solemnity, splendor, standing, state, stateliness, station, stature, status,sublimity, virtue, worth, worthiness

  2. “…. is promotive and protective of what the pursuit of justice is all about.”

    Murdered babies are what justice is all about? Canada is rogue’s paradise – we murder babies and are pedophile capital of North America – the Charter surely is terrific. 

    ” In 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down all remaining restrictions on abortion. Statistics Canada recorded 70,868 abortions in 1988. That number jumped 29% over the next two years to 91,476 in 1990. By 1992 it had risen to 101,726, a 44% increase in four years. Abortions continued to increase annually to a recorded high of 111, 526 in 1997—in the nine years following the Supreme Court decision, the number of abortions in Canada increased by a total of 57%.”

    • Thought you were a big supporter of the whole “unreported crimes” statistic.. I take it you believe there never were unreported abortions while it was illegal?

  3. Seems like the current crop of Conservatives think that Diefenbaker is an airport named after the dog of some famous RCMP officer or something. They believe that individuals’ rights are something imposed on them by Easterners and liberals.

    • Unelected judges, actually.

  4. “Promotive?” Really? 

    Perhaps if the PMO communications department employed anyone over the age of 19, we could get some communication that is actually intelligible. The worst dreck I have read today, and I’ve been up since 6 am EST. 

    •  YOu may have a point overall, but those are the words of Irwin Cotler, Liberal MP.

      • So they are, my mistake. Which only makes it worse, Cotler certainly should know better than to write like a moron. 

         “Cotler was a professor of law at McGill University…He has also been a visiting professor at Harvard Law School, a Woodrow Wilson Fellow at Yale Law School and is the recipient of ten honorary doctorates.” 

        When I guy with that kind of background can’t write a simple press release, we are in sad shape indeed. 

        • I’m sure that ultimately, it is the fault of some Conservative.

          • That`s because you`re very simple-minded. Conservatism does not cause simple-mindedness but the incidence of simple-mindedness among CPC supporters is remarkably high. 

          • Ad hominem attacks.  Very classy.

            By the way, I voted Liberal last election. 

    • At least one allegedly respectable authority has no problem with the word (see below). What’s your objection to its use and what are your credentials as a lexicographer in challenging it?

      pro·mo·tive  (pr-mtv)adj. Tending to promote.pro·motive·ness n.

      The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

      • I’m not a lexicographer, I’m a reader. And my objection is not that it’s a made-up word, my objection is that it’s a horrid word surrounded by a whole lot more of the same. Cotler’s piece is  horribly written and I feel quite well qualified to express that opinion. Mr. Cotler would do well to spend a few hours with E.B. White’s Elements of Style or, my preferred authority, Politics and the English Language by George Orwell. 

        Sloppy writing is both a cause and an effect of sloppy thinking. 

  5. The Charter is a shining beacon the rest of the world can aspire too and we should do as much as we can to showcase it! 

    • I know Ottawa is having a big do, but if you are closer to Waterloo, Ontario, we are having our own birthday party at the Huether Hotel on April 17th, doors open at 6, Celebrations commence at 7, everyone welcome.

  6. The issue isn’t Cotler’s comment, it’s the ‘harper government’s’ rewriting of Canadian history – the 30th anniversary of the Charter now warrants nothing more than a press release; at least it’s more than their recognition of the 50th anniversary of Pearson’s Nobel Peace Prize.  

    • Not so much rewriting (yet) as ignoring – but I get your point.

  7. Anybody who says Wherry is a shill for the left can look at this article. Putting out this kind of fluff when there are actual meaningful stories out there to be covered is why people don’t give a crap about the serious stuff.  When even pathetically minor stuff like this is trumpeted why should people give a crap about the other trumpeting the opposition does?

    Were Wherry truly biased for the left, this story would have been left to die a lonely death, unreported.

    • “Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited the DCC on the U of S campus in September 2010 to mark the 50th anniversary of Canada’s Bill of Rights. The outcome of the occasion was a $1.33 million investment to rejuvenate the Diefenbaker Building. At the event, Harper described the former prime minister and U of S graduate John D. Diefenbaker as a man of dignity and passion as well as “a Canadian patriot to his core.””

      Seems like Harper gave enough crap about the Bill of Rights to mark its passing by granting 1.33 millions dollars to the Diefenbaker Canada Centre.

      • Aaaaannd.. really don’t give a damn. That doesn’t make this any more of a story.

    • I suppose if your tendency was to have a sense of irony or satire, then I could assume your contribution was a sarcastic one. However, since you have shown to have neither, then my best response to you is —WTF are you talking about ?

      You are right about one thing: this post of Wherry`s is fluff, but it is just another lame attempt of his to insult the CPC. It is in no way an indication that Wherry is no longer a shill for the left.

      • Yeah, well, I don’t think anybody’s surprised that your best response is an expression of cluelessness.

  8. I understand they’re planning on the really big blow-out party for the 31st anniversary.

  9. “Simply put, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is promotive and protective of what the pursuit of justice is all about. It is promotive and protective not only of the inherent dignity and worth of every human being, but the equal dignity and worth of all human beings…”

    And there’s your problem right there. Harper & Co. – not big fans; it keeps messin’ with the stuff they want to do to us…

  10. Many lawyers that I know think the Charter is a mistake and has not been good for Canada… I agree with them.

    • When the Liberal Party Dynasty is restored to its rightful seat at 24 Sussex, all of those heretical lawyers will be burned at the stake, along with anyone else who dares say anything bad about the Charter.