Where he’s been


The Prime Minister’s itinerary over the last five years has been compiled and studied by the team at ipolitics.ca.

Together, Ontario and Quebec account for 47.4 per cent of Harper’s domestic travel — 30.6 per cent of it in Ontario and 16.8 per cent of it in Quebec.

British Columbia, host of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, comes next at 12.1 per cent of Harper’s travel, followed by his home province of Alberta at 11.8 per cent. Although the Conservatives have a strong western base, only three per cent of Harper’s travel has been to Saskatchewan and 4.4 per cent of it to Manitoba.

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Where he’s been

  1. Oh my God the country is falling apart! Vote non confidence in the government and get those Liberals back into power! (sarcasm intended).
    Sask do not need to be babysat like some of the other provinces.

  2. Tsk…still sucking up to Ont and Que.

    So much for power shifting west.

  3. The power is already in the West Emily. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  4. Wow – that is a lot of campaigning …….. I mean informing Canadian's about how Canada's New Government is helping them through the Economic Action Plan.

  5. 'Sask do not need to be babysat like some of the other provinces.'

    Living in Ontario, I resent that statement. I only wish I could say it wasn't true.

  6. …or Harper's travel roughly corresponds with the percentage of the population that live in those provinces. If anything, Ontario and Quebec aren't being visited enough based on what their populations "merit".

    Cue the Bloc's furor over the travel imbalance!

  7. No, I'm afraid not. Nor will it be, in spite of Harp's best efforts.

  8. You're right. The prime minister shouldn't be wasting his time visiting the rest of the country. He should stay holed up in Ottawa.

  9. Is he putting up all the expensive signs himself?

  10. That is not what the report said. You should try to read a little more.

  11. What are you afraid of Emily? That Harper already has the West supporting him? Or that he will not win in Ontario and Quebec. He will do fine in Ontario and the government has strong support in the region of Quebec (look at the latest leger poll).

  12. Potash

  13. Ah, but you have the power, Next October get rid of McSquishy and return Ontario back to some sanity.

  14. I used to think you guys were delusional elderly pensioners, whiling away your days on here. I've since discovered you're all pretty much kids who think you're political hotshots….without a clue about how your country or an economy works.

    You also think it clever to pose idiotic questions on non-issues. And quote non-existant poll numbers. LOL

  15. Sigh…I really wish someone would invent a "sarcasm" emoticon lol

  16. "without a clue about how your country or an economy works. "

    So speaking about the US corporate tax rate.

    LOL Cats Away!

  17. Speaking of kids …

  18. I have applied advanced statistics and corrected the numbers
    Ontario 39%
    Quebec 23%
    BC 13%
    Alberta 11%
    Man. 4%
    Sask. 3%

    Oops my bad, those are the relative populations. Aaron… how the hell are those numbers anything other than what you would expect… however

    Without looking at the original data, I would guess the two striking odd spots for our good PM's travel would be a relatively high fraction of time spent in Nunavut (dirty dancing and dangerous driving) and a relatively small amount of time in PEI (the airport has gotten some negative reviews).

  19. Hate to break it to you Emily, but you and hollinm are pretty close in age. You're both in your mid-sixties.

    How do I know this? Because both of you have said so, repeatedly, in your past comments.

  20. hollinm, Blue, bergkamp, alphanerd, cats etc are all kids. Trust me on this.

  21. chet too. And the rest of the Con crew on here.

  22. OMG I just pegged you! You're a retired teacher, aren't you?

  23. Ya, you nailed that one. I was going to say it was as simple as him focusing his travel where he needs to pick up seats. But you have an even simpler answer. Congrats, sir!

  24. I agree with every part of your comment except for "a relatively small amount of time in PEI".

    PEI has 0.4% of the Canadian population, yet the province accounts for 1.9% of the PM's travel–almost five times as much as its share of the population.

  25. Not retired, and have never been a teacher. Sorry.

  26. It is possible that SH & the airport reviewer do not see eye to eye.

  27. That sounds subjectively like the unfair and disproportionate MP representation from Red Dirt Island, too.

  28. Can one of you mathstaticians please figure out how long he will need to be prime minister before he visits my house?

  29. Seemed so, the pop. to travel ratio that is. But where oh where are the Maritimes? And `Newfoundland & Labrador? Either nothing to be politically gained or woefully omitted. And, yeah, cue the righteous indignation from the Bloqistes. Though that, too, will soon be mitigated by a flourish of Nordiques jerseys!

  30. Well done Stewart, that was my first thought as well. Thanks for finding/compiling the numbers.

  31. Well, they are surely not sour old ladeis!

  32. I remember a dinner speech many many years ago by the then Lt. Gov of PEI. His wonder that a place about the size of the Fraser Valley and the population of Victoria should have all the frills and tassels (and a Lt. Governor) that it does. It should have been amalgamated with Nova Scotia and NB long ago. Then we wouldn't have had to build a bridge or run a ferry with taxpayers money (at least not ours anyway). But then, the beaches are nice..

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